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football jigs

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i was wondering what everyone use with football jigs like as plastic trailors and line. i bought a few last week and going to try them out this weekend. any help or tips would be helpfull



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Spider grubs are quite popular and also plain stick baits are too. As for line I would use a braid or flourocarbon. Is this for a baitcaster or spinning reel?

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A spider bait is the the thingy in my avatar.


Fish it on a jig head (either with or without a weed guard depending on weeds) or texas-rigged on a 2/0 EWG hook.

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I use Mr. Twister Comidas and Sandworms, paddle-tails, and french-fry looking baits.

I throw the heavy ones on braid (though that is probably overkill) and the light ones on mono.

They are a bait that I mix into my jigworm, jig-n-chunk, t-rig routine. They're not a starter normally, but they are a regular.

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Hiya -

I like football jigs.

You can put about anything on them really. Spider grubs seem to be the standard, but craws are good too. I REALLY like creature baits like a 4" Northland Brush Hog or something similar for smallies, and the 6" version for LMB. One of the best options though, which not many people seem to do, is just put a tube on them. (Ray - shush on the Sandworms, ok? wink )

What I use for line depends on the jighead. For big football heads in the 5/8 to 1 oz range with heavy hooks like the All Terrain Rock Jig you almost have to throw them on braid or heavier flouro or mono. I usually use #17 Fluoro. You kind of need heavy low stretch line and a pretty powerful rod to get hooks, especially on a long cast. I throw them on a 7' Med-Heavy power fast action rod.

I do throw lighter football heads a lot though. Northland makes some now (the Butt Head - the name kills me...) in 1/8 to 3/8 sizes, with a lighter wire Ultrapoint, and Gamakatsu also makes a good light football head with a light wire Gammy hook. Lunker City makes a great one with a premium hook and a wire weed guard, but they're about impossible to find - usually have to order 'em online. Kalin's makes a light head too, but the hooks on them are horrible. I throw these on much lighter gear - a 7' Med power fast action rod with #12 fluoro. Easy to get hooks, and you won't straighten hooks out like you can using these heads with braid or heavy fluoro. A 1/4 oz football head with a 4" tube is a great smallie catcher...

Fishing the things is pretty simple. I fish them on rocks and gravel a lot, or outside weed edges where the bottom's fairly clean (if it's mossy you're maybe better off with a Carolina Rig...). Bomb them out, let it sink, then just put the rod tip down and crawl it along the bottom. If you feel it bump into something I let it sit there and shake it a little so it tips back and forth. Sometimes hopping them works too.

Best thing to do if you're new to them is get them somewhere in shallow water for a few minutes so you can see what they do and what it feels like when they hit something on the bottom. Helps visualize what's goin' on down there...


Rob Kimm

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