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This Is Cool! Look What I Got In The Mail!!!!!!!!!!!! (Includes Pics)

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I figured the other day I needed some signage for my rigs (truck and boat). I click on the link Rick had in the “Outdoor Discussion, Clean-ups, and Agendas - Keep it Civil” about stickers from Fishing Minnesota, Hot Spots Outdoors and Ice leaders. I found out how easy they are to get. I bought some.

Well today I get a cardboard tube in the mail (less than 2 days). I look and it is my stickers. I had some other things to this evening, but kept those stickers on my mind. Once the chores where done, the first thing I wanted to do was get those stickers on my rigs. Here is how it went (pretty easy):

Got my stickers:



Dirty, dirty window!


Spray some windex on window or surface!


Rub window with rag!


Wipe clean with a clean dry rag!


Mark a center on the sticker!


Peal sticker off of backing!


Center the sticker on window, with mark!


Once centered, start working from the middle outward to the right and back again to the left. All ways start from the middle!


End os Part One!!!!!!!!!!!

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Part two!!!!!!!!

Once this is done, rub the sticker all over to clear any air bubbles!


Smooth all the sticker area!


Start peeling back, the backing of the sticker!


A little more!




Do a final rub down to work all the air bubbles out!


I also threw a couple on the boat!


Now, if you get an air bubble you can not finger out, take a little needle pin and poke a hole in the middle of the air bubble and work the bubble to the pin hole.

This only took minutes and I have the FM/HSO Badge now!

Who knows????? This could get you out of traffic ticket or a search by the D.N.R., grin NO!!!! Just fooling around!

They look cool and I am sure to meet new friends at the launch's and gas stations. A good way to meet a fellow F.M.'er.

Click below to find out how!

Click here to become a true F.M.'er!!!!!! Show your pride

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All the sign guys just cringed! grin We need to get you a sign squeegee!

They do look good! The HSO logo looks sharp no matter where you put it!

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Nice job Josh and they look good. I agree with Airjer, get a sign squeegee and life will be much easier placing those decals on and getting them smooth without air bubbles. You did do a very nice job without the tool.

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Those look sharp. Been thinking of doing the same to my rig. I have some I got from Upnorth I think and they are pretty sweet too. Not HSO, but nice fish ones.

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I figure since a squeegee is not furnished with the stickers, I would show the mass's the "Shade Tree" squeegee wink :


Plus I just had to get it on grin and actually if you start from the middle on the HSO sticker and work your way out you will have no bubbles at all. I did have a window tint squeegee at the ready, but these stickers went on so easy, it was not needed.

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