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  1. What a cutie. Beautiful colors and I love the last one, almost looks like's she's chillin' with her paws crossed.
  2. I don't mind them. I like the curve in the first one, I think the color over his cheeks is a little washed out. The lighting is flat and maybe you did Auto Contrast or Auto Levels in PP which made the highlight too high on his face. I think it would pop a bit more if the skin tone was more even. The skin tones look too warm to me in the second shot and the background is a bit busy, but even adding a vignette would put more focus on the subject and separate him from the background. I like this one but the skin tones need to be more even and definitely some light in the eyes. If you have any light areas in the eyes, going over them with a dodge tool in PP can add a little bit of sparkle. I don't like the crop on the last one, it seems neither here nor there, I'd probably crop it so he's more on the left. I think it's the kind of image that would work well in sepia and with a vignette too. I'm venturing into the senior market. Shot a few over the summer and it was fun but a leap in the learning curve. I have a flash but I much prefer using a reflector -- use a parent as an assistant or bring one along (my husband is my official photography assistant, ha ha). I think his parents will be happy. There's good eye contact and nice smiles. And I think all of the photos could be taken up a notch with a little more post processing. Cheryl
  3. Friday Morning, where the Straight River flooded close to the downtown Friday Afternoon at the power plant: Barely visible footbridge over the Owatonna Dam. Sunday at Mineral Springs park where Maple Creek flooded. Old footbridge washed away: Maple Drive cleanup. It's a mess in there.
  4. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on FM! Cheryl P.
  5. Great thread :-) Here's a couple of recent shots of my boy Paris. He'll be seven years old this month, getting a lot of grey in his muzzle but still full of energy.
  6. Awww, this really captured a moment, I absolutely love this. Cheryl
  7. I have the large one I think, it's the only thing I use to clean my camera sensor, I've had more success with that than using the sensor swabs, etc. Plus a lot cheaper in the long run.
  8. My sympathies also. Not an easy time. Cheryl
  9. Thanks guys. January hasn't been a kind month for getting out to take photos but the Project 365 (-2) has stopped me being a total shut in. Yes, taking a picture every day for the year, they're popular on the photo sites, such as flickr, etc. Some people do themed ones, I know there's a flickr group for people doing a self-portrait every single day. That'd get old on Day #2 for me. I went with no theme, otherwise I would have ended up with 365 photos of My Black Lab out of laziness. The idea is to get out and about and take your camera with you. Yesterday I made myself get out of my car and WALK to take the top barn photo (quite proud of that effort). it was so cold that my camera lens started freezing and doing weird things. Cheryl
  10. I'm doing a Project 365 this year, is anyone else doing one? I've already missed two days when I couldn't get a photo together, but here's a few from the days I have:
  11. Wow, what great shots. So nice to see pics of the photographers, too. Looks like you all had a fun time. Cheryl
  12. Wow, great shots. I've only ever seen a pileated once. Love the detail and pose in the second one.
  13. I have more photos with his tail in focus :-) Getting his eyes to stand out depends on the light. Late afternoon sun behind me to pick out the details in the black dog generally works best. Cheryl
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