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MN Ducky

Red Fish / Snook

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Any of you guys ever fished the West Coast of Florida for Red Fish and Snook? If so how was it, what equipment did you use, did you bring your own stuff from MN down there?

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Thsi time of year the reds are offshore for the most part. They come in the tidal flats in the summer and are a blast. Used to live in Tampa and I used my walleye gear with 10-12 lb test and did fine. Heavier gear would work but you do a lot of casting. Old pair of shoes and walk the flats casting. I stepped on a ray once but didn't get hit. You can also get out in a boat, which would be better. I don't know how to target the reds except in the summer and I tried to find them but couldn't. I never fished snook much but when I did it was in the mangroves in the glades.

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I've fished the Charlotte Harbor/Sanibel Island area in early March and have caught a few snook wading the beaches and casting 4" grubs on medium action spinning gear. The jack crevelle and ladyfish were more plentiful but snook were definitely present. Seemed like the best bite was early in the morning during incoming tide.

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We have family in the Pine Island area ( Ft. Myers). We usually visit in late Feb to early March. I use the same tackle that I use for bass for both trout,reds and snook. Just rinse it very thoroughly with fresh water when your done with each outing. I have not done much wading we usually fish from a flats rig. I have had great fishing for jacks off the Matlacha pass bridge.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I've been havin a good time with some frogs my cat caught.  If it would just stop raining I'd have even more fun.    Nothing like catchin those bass on a frog doing there own thing. 🤗    I figure in another 2-3 weeks the Walleyes are going to like them even more..OK I use live bait, but I eat good, and I don't post any pictures to brag about anything. Fish with what you want,  I'll fish when and where with what I want. Those isolated spots work great!  😊
    • Poppers have been pretty popular around here the last couple of months,  going to have to pick up maters for more salsa to burn up the last of the serranos.  This is the first year I've planted gold zucchini , which doesn't seem to wanna stop producing..
    • I've got my cam overlooking the same stump as last year. Not nearly as much of the stump left this year. There looks to be at least 6 different bucks and 7 different does and fawns that I can tell. The deer ate or gnawed a good portion of the stump away in the last year as well. I've only had the cam out a week so far.
    • Unless he has a non video learning style of course. 
    • It's all analytics my friend, same reason for all the infield shifts. Tampa Bay started it with the pitchers.    
    • Did a doz Jalapenos poppers for the game last weekend.  Mine were a little on the small size this year but were pretty good for the game. 
    • Do you know the simple Tip or not?  If not you better which the video! 🤨
    • Second round of peppers are still going strong for the next batch of pepper sauce. This time I'm turning up the heat.   My artichoke plants look great, but no chokes yet, kinda doubting they will appear before the first real frost. Who knows, they might shoot up quick?   But maybe we will have another long fall, picked these November 5th 2016...........            
    • Pretty quiet on the garden front?? Only thing left in mine are about 20 kalarabi. Paul Douglas today hinted possible frost in central minnesoda next week 
    • What’s this garbage the twins are doing with their pitchers? Putting a reliever in as an “opener” to start for an inning, then put in a long reliever. Are other teams doing this? I sure hope this isn’t the future of baseball!