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Christopher Quast

Get the lead out program How does it work???

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I'm interested in this can someone explain to me how this event works. Do they give you back the same axact amount of tackle you turn in and if I go in there with my box full of jigheads will they exchange them all or how does it work exactly? Thanks

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I have had Mike with the MPCA out for the last 2 years in a row for a fishing league that I run. This is a terrific opportunity to find safe replacements for lead in the tackle box. With the tackle exchange program they won't typically give you an even exchange of 1 for 1, but they are usually pretty liberal with the free stuff and have alot of variety in the substitute products available.

Give it a shot, what can it hurt? How many of us have all kinds of different lead we never use in our boxes? Take that to an exchange program and give the new, safe stuff a try! It's free!

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They normally don't give you the same amount back for what you turn in. Its supposed to jump start the process in your tackle box. But it is free, and a great way to start replacing the lead stuff in your tackle box with non-lead. If you want some websites with non-lead options shoot me an email and I can send you some links. I run the exchange program year round, at Lebanon Hills Regional Park Visitor Center in Eagan, I recommend not turning in your entire tackle box, because I don't have enough non-lead here to replace all that. But if you bring in a decent amount I try to match it as best I can.

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    • UFFDA dats close!!!!!!!!!! we are close to the spring lake store iffin you go that way much!!!!!!
    • Not much to complain about so far, must be why its so quiet in here. From the games I am seeing we don't even look all that great yet but are finding ways to win and Dubs/parise/granlund have been amazing. Will need some depth to kick in to be any kind of real contender, and of course we need to find a way to actually score goals if we make the playoffs, it seems that is always the issue. 
    • Right there by Riley's.  Hopefully they stay locked up and the wind and temps behave.
    • well, it is a what have you done lately society, soooooooooo........... nope........my neck is fine!!!!!!!!!!! i may need to get it massaged by some of those new female hunter trainee's however!!!!!!!!😉  
    • For reference I do have the original Helix 5 and its just the basic unit so newer units may be better with interference.  
    • Well what year?  This season yes. 😉 Aren't you in the hospital getting the neck wound stitched! 😂
    • I have the Helix 5 Chirp GPS II.  I know you're looking for complaints, but I honestly don't have any. It probably does fight with a Vexilar, but the version I have has a bunch of settings you can adjust if you're getting interference. I'm not sure the original Helix 5 had that option or not.   But sorry, no complaints. So far I would buy one again. I bought mine at the Ice Show in St. Paul last winter, which saved me about $50.
    • Test hole on an Aitkin county area lake 20 feet from shore yesterday evening. The morning before got just a stomp test 10 feet from shore and not a single crack or tremor. Locked up all the way across, but there are some scary looking dark spots in the snow way out there. The end of hand auger season is in sight!    
    • nice deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bigger then leech's!!!!!!!!!!!😂
    • mnwildman gets 4th win with 330 pts. 2--Fishing_Novice            280 3--huckfin                          273 4--BlackLundProV            257 5--Juneau4                        227 6--icefishinnut                   192 _____________________________________________________ Season Total 1--Fishing_Novice             9769 2--Juneau4                         9531 3--BlackLundProV             9458 4--huckfin                            9372 5--icefishinnut                    9229 6--mnwildman                    9227 7--Rip_Some_Lip                8434 8--rl_sd                                 7942 9--Swiveldigger                   7101