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  1. Hey everyone, had the opportunity to get out with my new jiffy 4lite propane, an Ion, and the Clam Drill plate kit (drill plate/gear box/auger with 18v Dewalt). I was with 25 guys and I was the only one with augers. So it was the perfect time to try out all three and see what was preferred. In the end the ratings would be: Jiffy 5/5 Ion 4/5 Clam 4/5 The propane was faster and cut the lake like a hot knife on butter. The Ion and Clam were not as fast, but were still able to cut plenty of holes without any issues. The batteries on the clam did not last as long, but if I were to buy higher amp batteries that could be solved. The Ion was slower than the other two but was consistent and did cut a lot of holes.
  2. borg0196


    Hello everyone, I usually go up north, or stop by my Holiday to grab waxies or some small crappie minnows. But where in the metro can a guy get some small/medium suckers or shiners? I am closer to the south metro and work in Woodbury. I don't think Cabelas or Gander carry them anymore. I will be helping with a class for families to try ice fishing and am looking to show them the variety of baits to use. Is there anything in St. Paul? Why don't we have more bait shops anymore.
  3. borg0196

    Clam Travel cover fix.

    I bought a cheap pool noodle and just cut that up into chunks and then made it slit to slide it on that part to fit the edges. Bought a whole pack of them for a couple bucks and they last pretty long.
  4. borg0196

    Led light strips

    It gives off great light. I have a battery sitting in my center console that they are connected to. I installed a switch to the light, off amazon for $2, so I just flip that when I want them on. I will try and get some pictures tonight.
  5. borg0196

    Led light strips

    www.hawgoutdoor.com They are already wired for a vex battery, they come with strips to attach to your poles, and they have a cover over the strip. Only 19.99, fast turn around time, and awesome customer service.
  6. borg0196

    Jigging spoons a Prime

    Can you post a link to see which ones they are? Was that flutter spoon in the package (gold with red dots)?
  7. borg0196

    How close???

    Actually had to enforce this 10ft rule once. Fishing with another shack we had about 20 feet between the two of us. Some guy plopped down between us. His 7ft wide trailer was clearly way to close, he started up his tv and radio at the same time for some reason, then 3 more trucks showed up to party at his place. I walked over with the regulations and tried to explain the 10ft rule. He told me I was way out of line and this was his spot for years, I fished that lake for over 12 years in the same spot and never saw him before. Any way he finally had enough of my complaining and after about an hour moved on. Some of us actually do go out to fish, yes I have some beer with me, but I am usually busy catching fish or on the move looking for fish. If you want to party stay in the shanty town. Just my opinion.
  8. borg0196

    Clinch knot keeps breaking

    I almost always use the improved clinch knot. Sounds like your line is too weak. I would get new line or let out a bunch and then try it again further down on the spool.
  9. borg0196

    Transporting ice rods and storage

    I keep them in a case, but I also have the vexilar with two rod holders, so I keep two on there for the run and gun type fishing. Then when I either get too cold or find em, I will set up the flip and open the case. But I definitely keep them in a case for the rest of the year or when traveling.
  10. borg0196

    Light on the Ice

    They also have a red one with dimmer, or for another $10 get the dimmer for the white one.
  11. borg0196

    Light on the Ice

    I use the light strip, really good deal here. It hooks right up to battery, just zip tie or Velcro strap it to your poles. http://www.hawgoutdoor.com/product-page/6bce8884-d7e4-9930-1aa9-6f78e8dabaef
  12. borg0196

    Accessing "private" lakes

    We used to plow a ramp and road onto the lake from our cabin, and always allowed people to use it as an alternative to the DNR launch. Then one guy, pretty sure was drunk, hit a tree on the property with his truck and tried to sue us. That is when we stopped and had to put up a chain and private property sign. A select few neighbors had keys to the chain, but that was it. We tried to do something nice, but it was ruined by 1 person.
  13. borg0196

    What are your favorite soft plastics lures?

    Maki and the bloodworm are my go to for plastics!
  14. borg0196

    Lutsen area trail maps

    Clearview store in Lutsen, otherwise the Holiday store in Tofte should both have maps and information. There is also a snowmobile club up there as well.