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  1. TonkaBass


    finally! haha Still lots of snow out there
  2. connan, I see that some guys take pics of them while submerged in mineral oil. Takes any reflections off the stone and shows them in amazing detail, just some food for thought
  3. Wow! The colors on that bottom one are crazy! Very cool, never seen anything like that one before.
  4. TonkaBass

    Working out forearms

    I just skip wrist straps on back day. forearms about pop
  5. the sheer size of that thing is most impressive
  6. TonkaBass

    Ice fishing for sheefish (coni) in the canadian Arctic

    Thanks awesome! Love the action in these
  7. NO I didn't Muskrat, but I did go through a few of your vids. Keep them coming! I always enjoy seeing how you guys do it way up there! Different kind of life thats for sure. I would also love to hunt up there someday
  8. I just watched a video of some guys using fully automatics to gun down hogs from a helicopter. This is pretty tame.
  9. You should post up you ice fishing video Thats a good one
  10. Muskrat411 Small world... Im the guy who found the moose shed Hope all is well in the North!
  11. TonkaBass

    Minnesota Bull Elk

    Draws a MN elk tag 1 of 2. Shoots a record. Asks wife where he can hang it... sad
  12. Totally depends... On water there can be an early afternoon flurry even when the weather is nice I've found. I normally stay out as long as I can
  13. TonkaBass

    Blind breakfast!

    LOL! I'm doing this! hahaha
  14. I'm excited. I don't have a regs in from of me atm. Anyone know what waters this pertains to?