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P Gottshall

Which shelter to buy?

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I appologize if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't locate.

I'm looking to purchase a one-person portable ice-shelter. I have a Clam Voyager, which I love, but it's too big to handle alone.

In the 2004 Ice Fishing Guide, they show several. I really like the Otter, as it's wide, but by the time you get the tent, sled, & seat, it's $375. The Clam Fish Trap Pro is $270. I don't know much about any of the others.

I'd appreciate advice.


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I also have a Voyager, but for early ice and long walks to my spots, a bought a Pro as well. I like it and haven't had any issues. If you like the Voyager, you'll like the Pro.

Love them 'Pout!

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I'd take a serious look at the Otter Small Den. This is the perfect one man portable ice shelter.


I traded up from a fish trap guide. The guide is a little heavier than I liked for a one man unit and the Pro in my opinion is a little small. The Otter small Den is just the right size to fit a full size gas auger and a couple buckets. The sleds are heavier duty and deeper, the door design is better (major flaw in the fish trap unit), Otter has plenty of canvas (so that the door comes down completely to the ice), and the seat is much more comfortable. Also, if your using an ATV you can get a nice hitch for the Otter units.

Specs.(W is from back of sled to front door)
Otter Small Den
56"L x 69"W x 62"H
43 lbs.
Fish Trap Pro
43"L x 78"W x 60"H
47 lbs.
Fish Trap Guide
60"L x 81"W x 60"H
62 lbs.
I found that extra (W) on the guide to be of no use. The distance from where you sit to the door (if you have your holes close enough to jig from your seat, you won't use the extra width). You don't gain much in room on the Guide vs. the Otter Den (while your almost 20 lbs. heavier).

Good luck with your decision!

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