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  1. Borrowed a pic from another site. This pic convinced me to cough up $49.99. I ordered last night from Midwest Rod & Reel, with free shipping! http://www.midwestrodandreel.com/products/icerod_cases.htm Paul
  2. pm me your e-mail & remind me of your question. I have a link with lots of discussion on this. The "coolest" suggestion I've seen is to 1/3 of a dark-colored shingle & lay it over your hole. Of course you'll need a slit for your line. Paul
  3. Is that headache from carbon-monixide? Be careful. Paul
  4. Here's some buzz stick advice I heard: If you just put a small jig on, as the rod vibrates, all the motion will be taken up in the line. To add motion to the jig, you need to rig it like a drop-shot -- put weight below the jig. Then, the line will stiffen up & the jig will dance. What 'cha think? Paul
  5. Exudedude, I also plan to get a camera, & have been considering the Scout, but my buddy at Gander Mountain said I should consider the ZT, as the "Spectral Response" lighting gives a much better picture with plankton & etc in the water. Is this true? Is it worth $100 more? Thanks, Paul
  6. I fish mostly Crappies & Bluegills, so typically use an ultra-light rod. Will the soft tip still send enough vibration down the line? Also, can I lock it on & set it in a rod holder? Thx, Paul
  7. I don't have a Buzz Stick, yet. My salesman buddy at Gander told me that he's been very successful, but you need to setup correctly. He said the issue most people have is just dropping a small jig in the water, as the line will tend to go slack, & the jig won't have any action. He uses a drop-shot rig, placing enough weight under the jig to keep the line taught. Then, he gets enough action on the jig that he swears by it. Paul
  8. P Gottshall

    Ice Show

    What are the show hours? How big is the show? Ice Show Is it worth a 400mile drive from central IL?
  9. Not sure about Cabelas, but BassPro & Gander Mountain give a 10% discount if you sign up for their credit-card. That's probably as close to a "sale" as you'll see on a Vex! Paul
  10. My buddy has a "cabin" style house. I have two fish-traps, a scout, which is a one-man, and a voyager, which is a two-three man. The Fish-Traps both have a built-in sled, which I think is an absolute "must-have", especially if you're with kids, & you're doing all the towing. My buddy's shelter is a little bigger (and harder to heat), but he also has to pull a separate sled with equipment. Plus his shelter pulls very hard (by hand) through any snow, & would be difficult for one person to load in the truck. Get a shelter with a built-in sled. You won't be sorry. Paul
  11. P Gottshall


    One more: http://www.netknots.com/ Paul
  12. No ice in central IL (yet), so I need to use my imaginization. I have heard of vehicles going through though, I hope that doesn't happen near you. On open water, I have a similar complaint about water-skiers. Solution: Kevlar line and a Zara Spook. (Just kidding - I wouldn't want to lose a $5 lure. . .) Paul [This message has been edited by P Gottshall (edited 01-02-2004).]
  13. No ice in central IL yet, but I can relate. I have the same issue with water-skiers in the summer. Solution: Kevlar line & a Zarra Spook. . . Ohhh. . . that's not very nice. I can't believe I said that (outloud). Paul [This message has been edited by P Gottshall (edited 01-02-2004).]
  14. Hey Slicker, If I were you, I'd delete this post to put an end to the hassle you're getting. I sure wouldn't take it personally, unless all these guys know you & your intentions personally. I doubt that. I think it's excellent that you give your folks fish. I think it's excellent that you have fish to eat yourself. I think it's excellent that you're catchin' 'em, & wish I were with you. I bet you won't be on the fish for long, & probably won't personally destroy your lake. In IL we don't have a "possession limit" on fish in the freezer, so I'm not sure I understand all the concern. I think it's just another jab. I have no reason to believe you're keeping an irresponsible amount of fish. Most of the other guys here must know you personally, otherwise they wouldn't be railing on you. Then I'll go back to may last post - how many of them have ever eaten, or worse-yet mounted, a Bass? Is that hypocritical? Incidentally, lakes with tons of 3" - 6" 'gills are overpopulated. They're not small because too many people keep 'em, they're small because they can't find food. The best thing that can happen to those lakes is for people to take 'em by the bucketfull. I just hope they're eating them. I've never cleaned a 3" bluegill. . . So have fun, be responsible, and don't feel bad about keeping some fish. Walk away from your computer, & don't look at this post again. Paul
  15. You gotta' hear this! http://www.shad-rapp.com/Ice%20Fish%20Baby.mp3 Paul
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