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I will be the first to admit I know nothing about mechanics. My hands are smooth as a babies butt. I am more than willing to pay a schooled mechanic to fix stuff. I do have a question though as to thoughts on a problem we have right now on a Bombardier Quest 650. After sitting for a few days, when you start it and put it in gear, it barely grabs, or seems like it is slipping??????? My thoughts are, that I have heard people say they got water or something in a transfer case or something and it would freeze and sieze up????? Anyhow, what do you think I have going on, and the ultimate question...... Is it going to be expensive?!

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You mention after a few days. Has anyone had the machine through some water up to the fenders before sitting for that time?

Has there been any heavy work performed with the machine such as towing or any other situation where the machine was under load?

Water will cause the belt to slip. There might be a drain plug on the bottom of the clutch cover. If not, it wouldn't hurt to pull the entire cover off to take a look and clean it out.

The other thing that might have happened is under load, you can "smoke" or "burn" the belt, or in severe cases, destroy the belt all-together. Again, pulling the cover off will explain a lot.

Bombardier hasn't made the Quest for a few years now, so the belt could just need to be replaced anyhow.

I have seen belts range from $40-$200. This was a turn off for me when I had my Suzuki Vinson is the cost of the belt at that time if it ever needed to be replaced. I don't think the cost of a new belt for the Quest is that bad though.

If the belt is the problem, it's not worth taking it to a mechanic at $90/hour to replace it. Anyone who has been through a snowmobile could probably do it just as fast.

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It has been on slop in LOTW and at home plowing snow. But I have not pulled anything except my 2 man frabill portable with it.

It did this before I left for LOTW and it got better the day before we left after I rode it around the yard a few times. If that helps any. After about 15 minutes of riding, it seemed fine, and then performed well the whole time I was there, but when I got home and took it off the trailor a day after we returned it was doing it again.

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from your description, I doubt if the belt got wet unless the slop was really bad to where it could get into the vent to your clutch housing. It could be you either need a new belt or if the slop from LOW froze, things could be bound up. Almost every machine I've had and ridden through water or snow where it would thaw and refreeze, it took a little to break it loose.

If you have a heated garage or shop, see if you can thaw it out, then try again. Make sure none of the brake calipers are stuck. If that doesn't help, you might be in store for a new belt.

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