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Spooling up for 2008!


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I spooled up a few of the new rigs for this year today. I got some 65 and 80 lb tests of the new spiderwire ultra cast in yellow and so far I love it. I might take off some of the power pro I put on one of my rigs last year (it got really fuzzy)and replace it with sufix. The yellow sufix braid from last year is still in awesome shape, and won't need replacing. I also picked up some triple fish ultra viz mono for circle hook fishing. It is very visable above water, but dissapears pretty good under water. Give some of the new lines a try this year. Power Pro used to rule the roost, but there are other options out there now days for the cat man. Anyone else find a bullet proof cat line that is worth a look?

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Big Verhoven!!!

I think thats you in the picture. Little Talonen here. I too am a little interested in what everyone else is using. Myself, I stick to power pro, and a buddy of mine uses spiderwire, so Im familar with those, but what else is everyone casting????

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80lb power Pro on one, 40lb Big Cat mono on the 2nd and 40 lb Fireline on the stink bait/northern/ whenever I'm in the mood for on the 3rd.

All my big fish have been caught with mono so far, and this will be my 2nd year trying the Power Pro stuff. The 40 lb Fireline stuff is on a muskie rod for pitching stink bait into tight corners.

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Superbraids may not be the silver bullet

some believe it to be. Braid is much harder to

detect frays in than mono. Rule of thumb is

your line will break at the weakest point

and when you hook your biggest fish.

I use dacron braid but it is especially suited

for my style of fishing and I inspect it

every trip. I spend an hour or more preparing

my tackle before each nights fishing.

For the same money you can buy 1 lb spools

of Trilene big game and change your line often.

Just remember that you should buy mono where

you know it is fresh. Line that has been in

stores for years has tons of memory and has

been oxidizing (losing strength).

If you are worried you can't get enough mono on

your spools you might think of downsizing line

a bit. Todays reels have excellent drag systems.

Above all buy tackle that meets your needs in

the situation you fish. In my opinion superbraids

would only be an advantage for drift fishing

and that might be debatable.

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