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hunting land insurance?

Crow Hunter

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I am curious to know whether folks that own hunting land carry insurance, and of what type/amount of liability coverage etc. I have a 40 with a hunting shack that is heavily posted and the road in is gated. I have heard different things regarding tresspassers, whether they can sue you or not if they sneak in and manage to hurt themselves on your posted land. We all read about outrageous lawsuits that should be tossed out of court, but proceed anyway... I will appreciate any input. CH

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You are right, there sure have been some odd lawsuits that makes a person think. However the law reads as follows.... But this does not answer your question about a tresspasser. If your land is legally posted, they would be breaking the law to be on it and you would think you would be safe, but I have heard of burglars succesfully suing store owners when they were hurt during a break in. Who knows. I personally do not carry any liability insurance on my land.

Landowner Liability (Minn. Stat. 604A.20-604.27)

An owner who gives written or oral permission for the use of the land

for recreational purposes without charge does not, by that action:

• extend any assurance that the land is safe for any purpose,

• confer upon the person the legal status of an invitee or licensee to

whom a duty of care is owed, or

• assume responsibility for or incur liability for any injury to the

person or property caused by an act or omission of the person.

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one thing that can land you into a lawsuit is if you place items on your land with the intent of inflicting injury on trespassers.

I am a DNR ATV Safety Instructor and have had people call me looking for legal help because a family member was killed while trespassing and hit a cable placed across a field road. The land was posted at the entrance and the person chose to continue on where, 100 yards later, he encountered a cable across the road. The cable was not marked with any other signs/flags that I know of.

The best thing I could tell the person was to contact a lawyer. But unless the cable was placed there with malicious intent, I didn't think they had a case.

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I am pretty sure your homeowners covers that. But be sure to contact your agent and inform them that you own the property. Also a good idea to get a blanket liabilty coverage policy for say 1M+. This will allow you to drop your auto and homeowners to the legal min liability and you have just one policy to cover all your liability. Talk to your agent.

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