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  1. Absolutely, I never go past medium rare for the steaks...
  2. So now that I have a deer in the freezer and hopefully another to come in muzzleloader season, I was wondering if anyone has a great recipe for using up round steak? swiss steak etc. I know i can use it in a stew recipe, but I thought maybe someone has a favorite recipe to try, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  3. I used it again yesterday, let the amazn burn longer before I blew out the flame, and it smoked fine. This smoker has no air intake on the bottom?? so I just left the lower drawer cracked to get air into it.
  4. Thanks, I have the a-maz-n smoker and used it last night to smoke some sausages in the smoker, it worked fine. I did have to relight the a-maz-n a few times, I think I need to get it going better before I put it in the smoker, I had not used it in a while.
  5. That's another good idea. I will post here when I figure out the best way to solve my problem.
  6. I got a reply from their customer service, said it need to be at least 180 degrees F to produce smoke, but I get no smoke at 250. I sent my photos to their customer service. I will experiment and figure something out. The water pan is larger, the two pans can not switch positions, the water pan position is not above the element anyway. Taking that rack off and sitting the wood pan directly on the element may be my first experiment. Do you use water in the smoker when you smoke? I don't think I ever have. Again, I really appreciate your input.
  7. When the drawer is pushed in all the way, the wood chip pan sits directly above the element, but too high, in my opinion. I suppose I could modify it to sit lower, but the thing should work as designed.
  8. It's a little hard to get great pictures, the wood chip and water pans are on a rack on a drawer that slides in and out. Here are the pics I was able to take. The first shows the water and wood chip pans in their rack, the second shows the wood chip pan above and to the right of the element, you can see how high above the element (lower left) it sits. Thanks for your help!
  9. Sorry, I meant to say smolder, not ignite. I let the smoker sit at 250 degrees for well over an hour and no smoke whatsoever. I suppose i could try pellets instead of wood chips. The manual says to use wood chips that are at least 1-3 inches long and no more than 1/4 inch thick, or wood pellets. Some of the wood pieces look a little blackened, but never started to smoke.
  10. I picked up a used dyna glo electric smoker in an auction. It appears to heat fine and control the heat, but I am having an issue with getting the wood chips to start burning and produce smoke. I had the smoker up to 250 degrees and the wood chips did not ignite. It seems to me that the wood chip tray sits too far from the element, a good inch or more above it, I had a little chief smoker back in the day where the wood chip pan sat right on the element. Anyone else had this issue? I could use my amazn smoker box in there, but it seems to me this should work as designed. I had an independent temp gauge in there so I know it is getting to the temp it says it is at. It is assembled correctly per the manual. Thanks for any thoughts.
  11. Ever put morels on pizza? Pretty tasty. Finding some nice pheasant backs, had some on steak yesterday for Mother's day. Have not found a morel, but I have not gotten out to really look. Would love to find some ramps.
  12. Success- the heat gun did the trick. Thanks to leech and roony for giving me some ideas.
  13. Good idea, thanks. I will try a hair dryer first, then the heat gun. It would be good to not put a flame to it.
  14. I want to put a different jag on the ramrod from my muzzleloader, but it is really stuck- I contacted CVA and they said they use red threadlocker on the threads. Do I need to heat the jag with a propane torch to break it loose? Thanks for any help.
  15. Thanks for the replies. It is a round masterbuilt, I am attaching pictures of the smoker and the temp control. In order to be around 200 degrees, I have to set it barely above warm and constantly adjust it. The smoker was a Christmas gift from several years ago, I think enough time has passed to get rid of it and not offend anybody. ? By the way, you look like a man after my own heart, Leech!
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