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  1. Success- the heat gun did the trick. Thanks to leech and roony for giving me some ideas.
  2. Good idea, thanks. I will try a hair dryer first, then the heat gun. It would be good to not put a flame to it.
  3. I want to put a different jag on the ramrod from my muzzleloader, but it is really stuck- I contacted CVA and they said they use red threadlocker on the threads. Do I need to heat the jag with a propane torch to break it loose? Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It is a round masterbuilt, I am attaching pictures of the smoker and the temp control. In order to be around 200 degrees, I have to set it barely above warm and constantly adjust it. The smoker was a Christmas gift from several years ago, I think enough time has passed to get rid of it and not offend anybody. By the way, you look like a man after my own heart, Leech!
  5. I have been using an electric smoker that goes up to pretty hot, as a result setting it at a low temp for smoking sausage and such and holding the temp there is very frustrating, I am always adjusting it every few minutes. I would like to get a smoker that I can set in the range of 130-225 degrees, and it will stay at the setpoint I want, or very close to it. Any recommendations for a smoker that can do this? Thanks for any help.
  6. On my land with one buddy in area 241. Which stand I am in will depend on the wind, and the weather, I have box stands if it is raining, otherwise in one of my ladder stands. Evenings are by the wood stove in my shack with a toddy, reading, or picking a guitar. Good luck everybody, hunt safe.
  7. Interesting, I had not thought about wasps but I can see it happening. They like to start nests under the eaves of my shed every summer. Screens may be a better way to go.
  8. I don't want to replace my existing gutters.
  9. Now that I am in my 60's I am getting to be much less excited about climbing tall ladders to clean out my gutters. Are those gutter covers that keep leaves etc. out of the gutters a good deal? Looking at them, it looks to me that in a hard rain the water would just sheet off of them, but people have said that does not happen? Pros and cons? Does the ice in the winter bust them up? Expensive or not too bad? Looking for any helpful opinions, thanks in advance.
  10. I found ones back in 2016 made by the Toro company that worked for me. Not sure if they are still available.
  11. I have decided to switch to all-copper bullets in my .30-06 for deer hunting. I am looking at the Barnes vor-tx and the federal premium vital-shok trophy copper. Anybody have any experience with one or both? The ballistics look a tiny bit better for the Barnes but since I really don't get shots much over 100 yards it probably doesn't matter.
  12. Cub, at least the one in Inver Grove Heights has been having whole frozen ducks for 99 cents/pound. I went back and got a couple more yesterday.
  13. Not sure what you would have me say. You can't be in your own driveway because it bothers the birds?
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