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Best ribs in the world, or at least my house!!!!!!!!

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I have come up with this through many sessions of trial and error. The good thing about ribs is they are pretty forgiving, as far as messing up and still tasting good. Not a lot of measurements involved, just a good fool proof recipe for either baby backs or spair ribs. Baby backs are a lot meatier and tender with a smaller bone, and spare ribs are a little tougher, with a bigger bone. I like both depending what mood I am in.

Rub full slabs of ribs with 2 parts sugar 1 part kosher salt. this mixture should liberally cover the ribs, but not cake too much. Then liberally rub the ribs with smoked paprika. Let ribs sit at room temp for about 30 mins. The ribs will sweat a bit, but this is a good thing. Bake ribs at 275 covered tightly with foil till meat starts to fall off the bone,I cooked six racks for superbowl, and this took about 3 hours. There will be a lot of fat drippings, so be careful maybe even drain fat once during coooking. Let ribs stand 20-30 mins to let the juices re distribute, and make sure they dont cook too much more on the grill. Then take the ribs to a nice smoky bbq grill to sauce. I like to let the ribs char just a bit while slathering with bbq. My mouth is watering just writing this post.

You cant go wrong with famous daves rich and sassy bbq, but feel free to make your own there are many recipes across the web. For the superbowl party I individually cut between every bone for a single portion, and six full racks were gone within 20 mins. Like I said before, ribs are very forgiving so dont be afraid to improvise a bit. The smoked paprika is a bit spendy, but I feel it is a must.....I have read so many great recipes just thought I would finally contribute...

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Famous Daves Rich & Sassy is one of my favorites. Jack daniels original Number 7 is very good also.

I do country style with a Sugar/spice rub and cook them on the grill (off the coals) on a low setting for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The last half hour they get sauced.

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