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  1. I have a 1990 40 HP evinrude. It was slowly bleeding down,and under load it completely just goes right down even if you have it tilted. The manual said low fluid level could be the problem. I filled the fluid and went up and down 5 times like the manual said. Well the motor got stuck down,and the manual release wouldn't even free it. I even took it all the way out and no fluid came out of it. The only way I could free it was to take the plug out of the bottom. I consider myself fairly mechanical,how hard is it to do a rebuild kit? Any ideas and help is appreciated.
  2. ZEEK1223

    help me catch a carp

    So should the corn be sitting on the bottom or should I float it up a bit. I was using a bobber 6in down.
  3. I have a lake near my house that is absolutely filled with carp. They are in the cattails on the north end rolling around and jumping all over. I have tried worms and corn with no success. The water is really stirred up with basically zero visibility. Is there some kind of stink bait that I could use or something? There OS no current in the lake,they are just stacked up in the mud on the north end..... Thanks.
  4. ZEEK1223

    Opener Moved Up

    I think all seasons, fishing or hunting should be dictated by the environment, or different seasonal patterns for the current season at hand. Why have a date set in stone for a opener, when weather patterns can vary so much from year to year. If it is your intent to protect a vulnerable species at at a specific given time. There is no way that the same day of every year is going to protect them every single year.
  5. ZEEK1223

    Pizza Dough

    This is my favorite. It's a neopolitan style crust which is thin,crisp,and chewy all at the same time. I cheated once and didn't stretch the dough by hand,and it didn't turn out as well. I just kept it in the kitchenaid,not a good idea. http://www.fornobravo.com/pizzaquest/ins...itan-style.html
  6. ZEEK1223

    Lowarnce H20 vs Navionics App for Iphone

    The phone will get the job done, but I prefer the h20. Mainly for its durability. I don't trust having my phone out while drilling holes,or out in the rain. its kind of like having a phone with a camera. Yes I can take a picture with my phone,but if I want a really good picture I'm going to use a camera. I think you need service in order for the phone app to work,so depending on where you fish,could be an issue.
  7. Just looking for some reviews and input on these to shelters. They are about the same price and im looking to buy one soon. I have only seen the clam in person, and looked like it was pretty well built.
  8. Trying to put a trip together this fall. Looking for lakes, and fall techniques......thanks
  9. ZEEK1223

    Navionics App for Android

    It looks like you can see other peoples spots that they have marked. Is there a setting or something so the whole world can't see my marked spots?
  10. I offered to buy it from him, he didnt seem to like that idea. He values it at $4,000. What would you guys value it at? I think its an 2002, or 2004
  11. The worst part about the whole thing is that its not even my motor. Its my neighbors, pretty sick about it.
  12. ZEEK1223

    water/field hunt

    Fields are hard to get permission, you can always hunt water. Go for the field
  13. It is bent in, and does not latch. There is actually a piece missing that cracked off like an egg shell. I will try to take some pictures
  14. It is the bottom right pic.its cracked on the back,where the hood latches.