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Sunday, March 2nd Metro Get-Together!


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Hey all,

By popular opinion and interest, here it is: The Fishing Minnesota Muskie/Pike Forum Metro Get Together!

Thanks to HugoBox (Erik) and his suggestion, we're going to meet at Decoy's in White Bear Lake this Sunday, March 2nd, around 2:00 PM. The goal is to pass a winter afternoon, get to meet some of the people online, see some people we often pass on the lake and at the boat landings without knowing it (done that!), maybe swap a few hard goods (lures, equip), and in general have a fun time and put a face to a log-in!

Couple guidlines to keep within Fishing Minnesota site rules: First and foremost rule....this is all with the intent of FUN and meeting some fellow anglers with like interests in our area.

Regarding the Lure/Equipment Swap:

Feel free to give a general list of things you may be bringing to the "swap".

There are a few constraints: No requests for things you're looking for, no pre-sales, no side negotiations, on-line or off. In plain and simple terms, you cannot sneak in an "item wanted" or a pre-arranged sale/swap, the swapping is to be done at the get together, not pre-arranged. No "can you hold this item" for me either.

FM is a site that provides us all the open forum to talk, share information, and in this case get together. To be honest, I think it's pretty darn cool! I hope you all understand the intent behind the above mentioned "swap guidelines" and come out on Sunday to have fun, shake a few hands, make a new fishing partner or two, and maybe score a few good "swaps"!

Hope to see you then!


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these are cool chris. I did one for the spearing forum this year, and had a great turn out. Its awesome what FM brings out in a person when it comes to fishing, and when you can place faces with names, its even better when it comes to talking about stuff here on the boards.

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Chris -

going to try and make it down. if i do i will be calling to find out where this place is. the only place i know in white bear is the boat landing and the mcdonalds i turn at to get there.....

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I think it's one stoplight south from the McDonalds. Yeah, give me a call if you're around.

Stealing info from HugoBox, here's the locale:

Also, in case anyone needs to know where Decoys is - its at the intersection of 4th street (or Avenue) and HWY 61 about 1/2 mile north of HWY 96, White Bear Lake.


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