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Two Questions about 2001 Chevy



My first question is i have had a problem with my check engine light coming on in third gear and also when ever i use my tow haul button when the light comes on it only blinks at me but it rarely stays on. I had my buddy hood it up to his tester and it said random cylinder misfire what could this be and what kind of fix would it take.

My second question is I have been looking at getting some of those plastic bed rail covers. Just wondering if you are able to put a topper on when after you install these. Also what are some good brands?


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How many miles?

I would guess its a 5.3?

How many times has it done it?

Have you felt it run ruff?

Does it happen after a could start or after you have driven for a while, or is it completely random?

Have you noticed any other symptoms, ruff idle, extended crank, even worse fuel economy?

Was the "tester" a scan tool or a code reader. If it was a code reader they can be misleading. I have had mine display incorrect codes and/or not display codes at all.

I would definitely get a scan tool on it. The scan tool will be able to show you all the codes and if there is a true misfire you will be able to see the misfire history for each cylinder. This will help narrow down the possibilities.

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