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An amusing story


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This story goes back probably close to 20 years ago. A good friend and I had fished Canada a few years, but had never been to a fly in lodge. We decided that we were going to have a "once in a lifetime" fishing trip that was a fly in, so we went to the Sport Show to talk to different lodge owners. Bottom line is we decided on Silsby Lake. It was the first year for it having a lodge in operation, in fact we were the first 2 people to book a reservation at Silsby. When we got there we were the only 2 people there and noone had been there before us, we had the entire lake to ourselves. The owner told us that in a couple of days Jan Eggers and Bill Tenney would be coming in and if we wanted to learn how to catch big pike we should follow them around. Being typical obstinate Missouri mules, we didn't want to do that, we were going to do it our own way. When they arrived they hired a guide to take them around to show them where to fish. This was a mid June trip and by the time they arrived we had already worked out a system that worked for us. Now this the absolute truth, Jan and Bill only fished there 3 days and we were there for a week and we were catching many more 20 pound fish than they were. Their guide had them fishing the deeper water off the shallow bays and we were working the shallow bays and were "road hunting". We would see the big fish and simply cast to them. I think Jan & Bill were upset that we were bragging about all of the 20 # fish we were catching (we caught 12 that week) and they weren't doing that well. At the lodge we all ate breakfast and supper together and that is when we would have communication. The last day that Jan and Bill were there at breakfast we told the camp owner that we had figured out how to catch the big pike in Silsby. You could have heard a pin drop in that kitchen as we had Jan & Bill's undivided attention. We told them that we just cruised around the lake until we found a duck sitting on a rock, we knew he was on the rock because there was a big pike in the water around him. Then we just simply cast there until we caught it. If looks would have killed we would both be dead now. I don't think we were very popular with Jan & Bill, but we both thought that was one of the funniest moments we shared on the trip. I hope you find this story half as amusing as I do!

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