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Slot limits


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Slot limits are good. Of course I don't always like them but they do help to promote better age classes in lakes. I think they should start having slot limits for more species.

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Slots can be bad and good. Walleyes for example. They can be bad if a lake is heavily fished and has had good natural reproduction. B/c that can kill a whole year class of, lets say, 14"-16" fish. Not good, b/c then you have a "gap" in walleye size.
Now it can be good if, lets say, 1 year the natural reproduction was horrible and slot can help them come back.
Take Mille Lacs for example that 14" to 16" year class just got wiped out b/c of slots last year. Now why cant they instead put a limit of 3 fish per person??? For example just have 1 fish over 20" and 2 fish under 20"???
Depends on what the situation is, slots can be good or bad.
Thats just my point of view.

The beatings will continue until morale improves. angry-smiley-046.gif

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Slots for specific bodies of water can be found in the 2003 regulations under "Experimental and Special Regulations" on pages 25-42.

Tucked into the DNR's 2003 omnibus bill is a provision that anglers would be allowed to keep no more than one walleye larger than 20 inches or one northern larger than 24 inches daily. Both are daily limits, meaning anglers fishing for six days could legally posess six walleyes over 20 inches and three northerns over 24 inches. This is only a proposal at this point and will need legislative approval before going into effect.

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Spike: Considering that the daily and possession limit are the same wouldn't that limit you to only one fish over 20"? It really wouldn't matter if you fished 1 day or a whole week if possession and daily are one in the same. Bill

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