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  1. Anyone running these tires in the winter? How well do they work for deep snow? Need a good all season/deep snow tire for a sportsman 500
  2. put up some relectix in my portable. used the straps that I could to hold it in place then used double sided sticky back velcro. Some of the velcro isnt sticking the way I would like to the fabric. I want to get some type of glue to re stick the back of the velcro to the fabirc. What would you suggest?
  3. Thinking that is what I need to do. I tried everything I can think of.
  4. So I turned it on at home and played with it some. The color display and IR was working fine. Went to turn it on today and something isnt right in the in the color of the display. tried plugging and unplugging the camera cable, hit reset, etc. Nothing else I can think of doing besides sending it back to aqua vu. Think i am going to use it think weekend to at least find a weedline and back it goes unless someone has some input on this>
  5. thanks for the added info guys. I just ordered some of the Little Atom plastics. Might have to order some of the J and S now also lol. I hardly ever use live bait when panfishing anymore and I am always looking for new styles of plastics. I found a couple that were interesting on e bay also.
  6. I have been searching out different body types of plastics that arent in most stores. I have to say my favorite in store bought plastic is the black finesse plastic from custom jigs and spins. I have tried every other color finesse plastic from custom jig and spin and the only one that comes close to competing with the black color is dark purple. I do fish a lot of clear lakes also and I believe that would effect your brands and colors but this one seems to out produce them every time hands down in lightly stained lakes. I have found a few retailers online with some interesting looking plast
  7. are you spooling straight to your reel with that floroice? what pound test are you using? Does it have at least a little bit of memory so it doesnt just unspool by itself with the bail open? Thats the problem I have always had with that type of line. Is that strong type of co polymer/floro lines that they always want to unspool by themselves. It really becomes a PITA it seems if there is any wind at all.
  8. I am not against using a mono type line during the summer I normally have some 6lb spooled on my panfish rods, and some 8lb on a walleye rod. BUT I have yet to find a mono line that I have been impressed with the performance under 4lb test. To me how thin of diameter line I want, what lb test its rated, and line memory just isnt that great with some pound test mono. At least not on a noodle type rod anyways.
  9. I bought my wheeler last year and put chains just on the back. I was questioning throwing them on the front also year. Do you run chains on your front tires also? I have a 05 sportsman 500 if that matters.
  10. i will most likely just stick with the fireline. I have had great luck with it so far and from what you guys are saying I see no reason to change now.
  11. I was browsing at fleet farm today and they had a 13 rod that they called a super ultralight noodle rod. Want to say the price was close to $50.00 but wow that thing had a super flexible tip. For that price I would still look at a DH custom first but I almost thought twice about buying it.
  12. Thanks guys. I bid on one on hsolist just to see if I would get it or not. Its a cheapo no brand with 6BB. I will let you know if i get it or not
  13. I have always stuck with fireline Micro ice. But I see some other competitors on the market such as suffix, and Powerpro. I have always like powerpro line in general for summer use. Any of you had any experience with the powerpro, or suffix? How do you like it compared to fireline? I tend to run 2lb on my noodle rods, 4lb on my other panfish rods, 6 on most of my walleye rods, and 8lb on my main jigging spoon rod.
  14. Whats your favorite? I have had good luck with a couple gander mountain UL reels I own. If I buy a custom rod like I am planning on I want to put something nice on it. Are most people still swearing by Tica's? I also seen a Shimano last year, I believe a Sedona I liked.
  15. Do you feel the fly guides handle cold weather ice up as well as recoil guides?
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