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  1. JP Z

    First Ice

    I've got close to 2" on my little lake here would think by this weekend. But I am no longer young....or crazy.
  2. Yep, been seeing some folks are getting into flushes of them. They generally are a spring thing, but honestly it's only them and Morels out so folks are looking more.
  3. It is strange, I was excited to see "Black Calvin and Hobbes" get into the season though......now it's getting more realistic..
  4. Tak is currently in lead when I first looked KVD had 21-8 for his first 5 fish http://www.bassmaster.com/basstrakk/tournaments/2016-toyota-bassmaster-angler-year-championship
  5. Leech, When you are up at the cabin next get ahold of me, I can take you out and show you the ropes if you like. Granted needs to be sooner rather than later.
  6. Hedgies to me are a much sweeter variety of chanterelle....I know not a technical chant....but the texture is close. And if you'd quit dropping them in the dirt you wouldn't have to clean the "spines"
  7. Yes 100% chicken, as for yours Del. Those are some type of Russula, not edible that I can think of and honestly even if they were at that stage you'll get more protein from all the worms in it then from anything else.
  8. JP Z

    Icast 2016/2017

    The Pflueger Presidents have caught my eye......but yeah mostly meh....
  9. I guess I'll just have to keep fishing out of my Rebel for the both of us eh Reb?
  10. HOLY CARP.......are the Deerflies insane. I think they have acquired the Zika virus.....or maybe Redbull. I found a few Chants, but my spot is surrounded by downed trees so now the picking is a bit tricky. Heading out tonight I think to try my luck again, then meeting with a logger out there tomorrow to try and get a feel for what is to come. On the plus side one of my last trips out there I did find my dad's deerstand and it was still in what looks like perfect condition...lucky bum.
  11. JP Z

    Off Season Deals

    The big C has Shimano Symetre reels on sale for $63 with free shipping in the bargain cave.
  12. Found one scaber stalk as I was walking up to start chopping trees this weekend.....but this could limit my mushroom posts for a bit.
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