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Canoe trip recommendations in WI

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Spent some time 'reflecting' the other day and realized I only went on one canoe trip last year frown.gif Would like to revisit some old river sections and hit a new one as well. Thought it might be worthwhile to start up a thread on canoe trips FM'ers would recommend in WI.

Myself, I'd like to hit the Brule and some info on that would be great. For a recommendation, I like the Red Cedar River for both scenery and fishing - anywhere from Rice Lake down to say Colfax is great. Another great section is the lower Chippewa River, especially from Durand down to Wabasha in the bluff country. So, where's your favorite float?

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FAvorite float trip would have to be the chippewa river from Meridean or even Carryville down to Durand. 2 day trip usually, with a campsite on a sandbar for a night. Lots of smallies a few eyes' pike, and occasional muskie to boot. Lots of rough fish if you care to stop and fish live bait. Nice scenery as cooter said, and hardly see another boat especially during the week... usually like to take the flat bottom 14' rather than canoe... easier on gear, and easier to get back upstream to cast a productive stretch of water...\

As for a strictly canoe trip, I'd say the Flambeau around the Ladysmith area would top my list.

Happy Fishing


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I really enjoy both the namekogan and the upper brule. Both rivers have great scenery, great fishing, and you don't see a lot of other people.

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I'm thinking of doing a float trip near the end of August with my son and was told the Namekogan would be better than the Upper St.Croix. Thinking of putting in near Howell's landing, camping along the way and pulling out at Danbury. What kind of water level should we expect that time of year and how should the fishing be?

Any advice/info appreciated.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Hmmm.  My cheapest camera is a Wildgame Innovations unit but I haven’t been a great fan of it.  It’s not the NANO version but though, just a cheap one I picked up in a small shop during a hunt cuz I felt I NEEDED one right then.   I do like my old Moultrie and am looking at the M50i as a much updated version of it.   Still comparing their line up.  If I just bought now, that’s what I’d go with.   That WGI 360 sounds like something I have to check out!
    • I have been a Wild Game Innovations fan for most of my time using cams.  I really really like the NANO version they put out.  Compact, only take 4 AA batteries, great battery life and the pictures have been very good quality.  That being said, last year I won a Moultrie Game Spy 2 at a company party and have been very impressed with it.  Same as the Nano, takes only 4 batteries and pictures are very good as well.  These two cameras are now my "go to" and I won't be needing to spend  100's on other cameras when these work great.  The one camera that I am thinking about getting though is the WGI 360 degree camera.  Supposed to be able to take pictures 360 degrees so you don't miss anything moving behind where a normal camera can't detect them.
    • yeah the last couple years have been rather tough for me, but all is good and I can't wait to get back into the stand.  Are you still working the Deployed Soldier/Disabled Soldier hunt at Ripley?  We stopped going as it was just too early in the season and weather was always so darn warm.  Wish they would have held it right prior to the "big" hunts at the end of the month.  Always a good time though.    You'll hear more from me in the time to come and look forward to hearing all your reports of the big one!!!
    • Good yo hear from you again!  Hope your search for property goes well and your time in stand is fruitful.
    • Nice pics jbell! That is a nice yellow garden spider you got there.
    • I had a nice size garden spider on my garage door. It stayed there about 3 weeks. Had a mate who I assume did his business and met his doom. I finally needed to open the door so I safely caught it and let it go in the woods near our house.  Her body is about an inch long. Probably about 3 inches total.       
    • 😄i have several "pet" spiders around the deck and garage. sometimes when i'm bored i swat flies with the swatter and feed them!!!!!!
    • its wierd, my cukes the stems from the ground out look like they were died and dried out but the ends were green, plenty of flowers and producing.quite frankly, i got 2 medium size boxed of cukes in the frig i need to use or give away. i know this isnt right to say, i'm getting cucumbered out.   same with the peppers, i had to look thru a jungle to find them most of the summer as the cukes exploded and basiclly covered them. i have enough peppers for what i need, froze some for chili, and have eaten my share. and again there were no small ones coming in to keep them in the ground to make it till first frost.   my tomatoes, the ones i may be pulling soon are running out of tomatoes worth while . 
    • That's too bad, did your garden get dried out at some point? You had a pretty good start to the season and had a jump on my garden.