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Aqua-Vu VPG


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Depends on your point of view, I guess. I run in split graph zoom mode with a vertical flasher on the sidebar. From left to right, I see 3 sections displayed:

- A 2x or 4x zoom of the current depth range in 256 color representing sonar echo strength, fully adjustable to anywhere in the water column. I usually set it at bottom zoom in 4x, but when the fish are suspending, I am constantly moving the zoom window up and down to see the fish at 4x.

- The full water column top to bottom in 256 color.

- along the right hand side is a vertical flasher, but I never look at it since I have the graph. The width of the line represents the sonar echo strength. The graph gives me all that info already, in color, and the last couple seconds worth, too.

I've used many flashers. Using a color graph on ice is just a completely different experience. I'd personally never go back.

Even if Aqua Vu made the VPG a color TFT active matrix screen, instead of a heated, backlit LCD, they'd still be missing the display of immediate history in time that a graph displays. It is just way too nice to see the effect of the past couple jigs of your bait plotted against the movement of the fish at that same instant. It tells you what not to do, and what to try next.

Anyone want to bet it will only be a couple years and we'll be using sidescan sonar on the ice??? grin.gif

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WOW!!! You know how to use your lowrance!! I bought one last year for my boat and i couldnt do half of that stuff you just said frown.gif I need to take one of those classes on them i think. I would love to know how to use all of the features it has. I also want to figure out where i can get an ice ducer and carry case for it so i can use it on the ice.

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