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how much line on a tip-up

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Okay...I got two tip-ups for Christmas and was wondering how much line to put on them. I've never fished with tip-ups before and could use a little information. Also, how do you rig up a tip-up? Just a hook and a sinker or just a jig tipped with bait? Can you use artificial bait or would I only want to use live bait?

Thanks in advanced for your suggestions.

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1st is what species will you be targeting? I mainly use them for Northerns.

As for line, I like using "can't remember the name" but it's the coated black stuff. They don't freeze or kink up on ya. I used the #30 which comes in a 50ydr spool. One spool perfectly fit's on the Frabil thermal tip-ups.

As for rigs. I just go with those pre-rigged treble hooks with spinner and leader. They come in packs of two.

Tie that the leader directly to your mainline, then add on just enough snapshots above the leader to keep the bait down.

For bait i like using shinners over sucker minnows. Dead smelt or cisco's works good too, but seems to work better later in the season.

You'll also need some of those little bobbers, they are your depth markers.

I usually let it go all the way to the bottom, then pull up 1'-4' and place the little bobber.

But don't be affraid to have it only a few feet under the ice, in 10' of water either. Seems sometimes those norts will just cruise slightly under the ice, or they'll come up for it.

If you plan on fishing walleye's. I'd recomment tying on a 4'-8' mono leader.

I run the mainline to a swivel, then tie on #10 mono 4'-8', then the end of the leader to a big Moonglow, or glow hook, add as need to keep the bait down. I also place the rig know more then a 1' of bottom. Sometimes only 6".

Hope this helps, and Good luck.

You'll enjoy seeing the flag pop up and the spool spining. laugh.gif

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You may not want to fill the spool with line - if a slimy toother gets a run going, you could find yourself hand-over-handing 50 yards of wet black line. I took a slice of foam pipe insulation (the dark grey kind with the slit to fit over a water pipe) and electric tape to increase the spool diameter on my tip-ups, reducing the line capacity. Fill the rest of the spool for minimum resistance for the fish. You may also want to consider looping the line 10-20' deeper than your set depth and use a circle hook - this should provide you with almost automatic hooksets!


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