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  1. jbird68

    Quick ice locator holder.

    I just had to get a new ice transducer for my elite-5. Wish I had seen this sooner. My replacement just came on Monday.
  2. jbird68

    Inline reel reviews

    I just bought the One 3 Descent reel the other day from Fish USA. They had them on sale from $34.99 down to $27.99. Sale ends tonight. I had bought one for my son for Christmas and I liked how it worked. So I had to get one for myself. I've had the Eagle Claw reel for a couple of years and I like it. Only gripe is that the line will unspool over the edge of the spool and get wrapped around the shaft of the push button on the side. I would get another one but I can't find them in the blue carbon fiber color anymore. Just the black. Waiting for ice in Northern Illinois to go fishing.
  3. jbird68

    Ice show

    Hoping to go to the show in Milwaukee this weekend. Just want to see what is out there for cool stuff.
  4. jbird68

    Inline reel reviews

    I just picked up the 13 Fishing Descent for $27.99 at FishUSA. It was on sale last night and still showed it was on sale on their page today. But when I went to check out it was $34.99. I chatted with them and they honored the sale price because it still showed $27.99 on their page. Just too bad I got it for my son for Christmas.
  5. jbird68

    Inline reel reviews

    Cabela's has a 13 Fishing Descent reel for $40. Looks to be new this year with a rubber skin over the body. They make it in Left and Right hand retrieve.
  6. jbird68

    Inline reel reviews

    Got a picture of the loop?
  7. jbird68

    What do you use for portable chairs?

    Thanks for the ideas, guys. I also tried the fold up camping chairs but I seem to sink down into them. Those other chairs look like they would be more firm to sit on.
  8. Just wondering what people use for portable chairs. Bucket, fold up, tripod, etc. Been looking at some nice fold up chairs with a padded swivel seat. But they are 11 pounds each. I want to stay as light as possible. I also have a tripod chair but don't really like a post riding up my crotch.
  9. jbird68

    Inline reel reviews

    I like my Eagle Claw. My only gripe is that because there is no hole for the line to go through it will come over the OD of the main spool and get wrapped around the release button. Then I end up having to loosen the button until it comes off. The line will then be free and then have to put the button back on and re-tighten it. I like the composit material because it is not cold to the touch when using bare hands. I also use my finger as a drag to control the free spooling. Sometimes it will spin too fast let out too much line.
  10. jbird68

    Aqua-View Micro Cameras

    I just bought the micro II from Gander Mountain For $250 with a $50 rebate and then another rebate to get a case and car charger. I can't wait to use it. I wish is had the hard cover/shield like the DV version. Maybe they will come out with a snap-on version for the Micro II. I couldn't believe how thin the cable is. Have to figure out a way to point it while it is underwater.
  11. jbird68

    GPS Nuvi 50 - Garmin Upper Midwest

    I've got a Garmin Quest and the Fishing Hot Spots. I've actually got two copies of the Hot Spots maps. I already had one copy and then bought the Quest from a friend who also had a copy he have me. They are on a CD and not an SD card. Had to install using the Mapsource software, which is now the base camp software. I've only taken my quest with me once on the ice. Mainly because the hot spots maps are off by about 30 yards on the local lake I fish. I can mark a way point and it shows I am standing on shore, even though I am about 20 yards off shore.
  12. jbird68

    ice cleats

    I have a pair of the YakTrax XTR's and I have had not issues with them and I feel very safe. I don't slide around when drilling a hole by hand like I did with the Cabela's boot chains.
  13. jbird68

    Price of lures

    I'd like to get a good number of slab grabber spoons but just don't want to spend a that much plus shipping. I wish I could just find some in the stores around here.
  14. jbird68

    Auger Carrier for Portable Sled.

    Why so tall?
  15. jbird68

    Auger Carrier for Portable Sled.

    I built this to carry my auger. It mounts to the skis of my smitty sled.