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  1. Now we need recipes. Wrapping things(hot dogs, burgers, etc.) in foil sounds like a good idea. But I worry about dripping grease on the ceramic plates or pilot light in my buddy heater.
  2. I have a Garmin EchoMap 73sv and 73dv. They have the range shading option. I set it up once but didn't like the colors available. I guess I'm used to white/lt blue/dk.blue shading from shallow to deeper. And the colors seen to really bug out my eyes. What have you set your shading to? A different color every 5 feet or something else?
  3. I just thought the cup idea was cool. Just dip your lure in the cup and go. But a LED flashlight is a cheap option that works.
  4. I would like to buildl my own glo-cup. Vixilar wants $30 for theirs. I also saw where someone is 3D printing a cup and putting lights just on the bottom surface.
  5. Gettin er done. I have to take the "T" that the transducer pipe goes through to work so I can open the ID so the pipe can slide freely.
  6. I have a couple Garmin units for my boat. I'm going to also use one for ice fishing. Got it powered up and started playing with the colors schemes I'd like to use. The only one I like so far is with a blue background. But what I found that I like better is the black background the humminbird uses. Maybe Garmin could do an update to add a black mode. Lol.
  7. So I picked up a Garmin EchoMap 73dv for the bow of my boat. Since my boat is in storage I am going to build a flasher bag using a cooler, plywood and PVC for my build. I may add some other things that I could not think of right now. The transducer pipe will be pinned so you can set it at different heights.
  8. I have the showdown and love it. I also bought the ice kit for my lowrance elite-5. But it has been finicky at time. I just picked up a Garmin EchoMap 73dv on hsolist for the bow of my boat but want to try it out on the ice. So now I need a ice transducer.
  9. haven't had a chance to really try it out yet. But we just got 9 inches of snow today.
  10. I know nothing about the types of skis. I got the K2 skis for free from a guy on facebook. I got the front skis at a church sale for $3. They are kids skis. Also got a pair of cross country skis. My sons wants to make a smaller shed for the accessory sled he pulls.
  11. slapped some paint on the sled last night.
  12. Did you have any problem with the cutoff end of the skis? Unprotected wood getting wet?
  13. Brackets mounted to the skis are countersunk for a 1/4-20 flat head cap screw. The turning assembly is just a 5/8" bolt. I found some PVC flanges at the local hardwae store that had a nice slip fit over the bolt. I have one in the cross board and one in the plywood with a washer in between. I can take more photos to show the detail.
  14. The one thing I liked on my Elite-5 was that when a fish was about to bite the return would turn very red. I don' tget that with the Showdown. Bit it does get a darker black.
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