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Had a great weekend fishing...


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Spent the holidays at my In-laws.

Saturday night I went out and fished a few hours before sundown. Caught a nice 11" or so Crappie, a bunch of sunnies and finally landed my first large mouth bass (Ice fishing). I actually caught 3 Bass that night. Wow, are they fun on an ultra light panfish setup. First one was 2-3 pounds or so..I think he made 3 runs back down as I got him near the hole. The other 2 were in 1.5 pound range.

Let all the fish go that night.

The next day, Grandpa took my daughter out, and I went with my Son. I had a blast! Wow, one year really makes a difference. Last year my son (he was 4 years old) was really impatient, and so was I. frown.gif This time out, it was a totally different situation. He really got into it and I was suprised he didnt want to switch spots with my daughter (she wanted to fish with me and have my son fish with grandpa). Maybe the camera was the reason, but I'm hoping it was spending time with me. =) Meanwhile, my daughter didnt want to fish, and they left after about 10 minutes on the ice.

Then the following night (Christmas), my daughter wanted to go fishing. I wasnt feeling so good, but decided to head out. Again, I had a blast! I thought we were only out for an hour or so, but it was actually over 2 and a half hours!

There really is something special with spending time with your kids and doing some fishing. It's not always the fishing, but just the quiet time you have with them. I think the camera was a factor, but if my kids enjoy fishing more because of it, I'll gladly bring it. cool.gif

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Sounds like you had a great time.

Teach your kids to fish young and you'll be thanking yourself for many years. I guess thats coming from a "kid". smile.gif

I 'dragged' dad along to both Upper Red Lake & Lake of the Woods over the last few days. Walleyes, walleyes, and more walleyes! Gotta love it!

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Hanson, you're lucky you get to drag your dad along! I think I've spent only a couple of hours fishing with my dad in the past 20 years. Prior to that he'd take me to Canada for a camping fishing trip.. But since then.. He's been busy with 'other things'.

Anyways, A buddy and I are planning a LoW and Red trip in the middle of february. I cant wait!

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    • looks purty healthy. must be all them delicious sunflower and bird seeds!!!!!!! 👍🤗
    • Relaxing on a nice sunny day.  
    • Nice Copy and paste.    Any links to the  Ocoopa Union 5s rechargeable hand warmers?    
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    • Here is a pizza with meat just for leech! Zup's hot italian sausage, onions, mozzarella cheese. red, green and orange peppers.       
    • Back to bird pics.   Pine grosbeak   American gold finch   I was wondering why the seed was disappearing at night.
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