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Fish House Construction



I am curious on the opinions and experiences of ice house users when it comes to insulation. Some say to avoid the fiberglass insulation and one major ice house maker just quit the foamboard and went to all fiberglass R7 insulation and uses a vapor barrier/house wrap just like home construction. Is the fiberglass insulation going to pick up water, even though it is house wrapped, and rot the house and make it heavier? Thoughts and experience opinions appreciated.

Windows--Are thermopane windows in an ice house worth the money? What are the advantages to going with the thermopane instead of regular windows?

Anybody have experience pulling a rectangular fish house and then a V- front that can speak to the ease of towing and better mileage pulling the V-front? Even if that is negligible it seems the extra space you get with a V-front is worth it.

ATV doors. More dust and draft in the house than they are worth?

Thanks for any help you can provide. Looking to buy and these are some of the issues I need to decide. smile.gifconfused.gif

Crappie are more than just panfish!!

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Fiberglass insulation if gotten wet will lose it's insulation value. The reason for using house wrap on a house is to keep the moisture out and any drafts out where the plywood sheathing meets. If a fish house is properly built, why would you want to put house wrap on to keep moisture out as most of your moisture will be coming from the inside.
Thermo-pane windows are more expensive but help minimize fogging of your windows as well as insulate much better.
As far as v-fronts go, they only give you a little more room up front. They do not help with your gas mileage as there is still the same surface area to pull through the wind. V-fronts are also a little more difficult to frame in, but hey, if you like the looks and don't mind the little extra work then go for it.
If you are going to have ATV doors in back, make sure you put in a single door elsewhere for going in and out. Only use the double doors for putting your ATV in or out. And make your double doors out of metal. Wood tends to warp and even the slightest warping will tend to cause drafts.

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Just a thought but you can talk to some roofing co.and most of them will run in to foil back sheets. When working with rubber roofs. And are more than willing to give you as much as you want.And it sprayed with chem.so it helpes with a mice problem.They
work on the school here in St Cloud and pick up enought to do my garage and HSOList.
good luck on your quest.
bring on the hard water

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