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  1. My son wants to shoot some carp. Just got him a bow set up for this. I have a small boat or a good shore spot would be nice to know. Anybody have any tips on where to shoot in the DL area. Email me at [email protected] if you have some advice. Thanks
  2. I was looking for information on where a good spot to shoot carp is in the DL area? My son wants to do this and I just got a bow set up for him. I have a small boat or a good shore spot would be nice too. I checked a few bridges on the Pelican River this weekend and did not see any fish down by Prairie Lake and that area. Any help would be great! Thanks
  3. Gilles, Thanks alot for the help. I will let you know how we did and we will have to call some of the contacts you gave me for updates. Years ago I fished on a reservior east of Ridgeway and did alright on some raibows and brook trout. Nothing big but caught some fish. Thanks for the help and if other hotspots come to mind please post them. I will be trying to get online once in awhile. Thanks again. Brian
  4. Gilles, Thanks for your willingness to provide some info and help. The wedding is in the Denver area but I plan to head down to Gunnison and the Black Canyon and scare myself silly again and will spend some time in the Ouray and Silverton area. We will likely head home through the Craig area in the NW. I am open to driving to remote parts of the state for some good fishing area and not constrained by a set agenda. Just coming in for the wedding and then can head from Denver in any direction that leads me to a cool place with some good fishing options for trout. I will not have a boat with so am constrained a bit by shore fishing. Thanks for any help. Brian
  5. Hi, Coming to Colorado for a wedding and leaving in 4 days. Wanted to do some trout fishing, both stream and resevior. Have 4 wheel drive and not afraid to walk a ways. Will have my 9 year old son along and we plan to fish for about a week. Will go anywhere in the state for the week to find some good fishing for trout and camping nearby. Any suggestions on places? I intend to review many of the old posts but some fresh info would be great. Are there some other sites that I should check out to get the good scoop on trout in Colorado given that I am a walleye and crappie fisherman from MN with little experience on Colorado. Good action for kids is mostly what would be great. Thanks for any help. Brian ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  6. test ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  7. jparrucci, Not sure how you conclude the CO is a jerk. Just doing his job and sounds like with integrity. Not letting the "big fish" intimidate him and his actions. So all Grandmas follow the rules or do not deserve a ticket? How about the cases of way over the possession limits that are all too common that are often reported with some of the folks in their 60's (likely someones Grandpa and Grandma). They should not be ticketed for taking 10 times the fish they are allowed? I personally wish we had 10 times more CO's out there cleaning up all the outdoor sports. Who you going to believe in this--The Babe or the CO? I know who I believe. Babe got what he deserved. ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  8. Crappie Jigga, So what is SD GFP doing so well and the MN DNR is doing so bad? Please elaborate. I happen to think the MN DNR does a really good job given that they have a zillion more people than SD to try and keep happy in MN.
  9. Kevfish, I thought you could keep filets and clean fish of all species on the lake unless the species had a slot limit on that specific lake? If not I have to quit having great fish fries on the lake. I am surprised a CO would give that advice and you took the advice. You have to admit that someone watching that would think the your activity is suspicious. Also did you not worry about fox, coyote, stray dogs and cats etc taking your fish? Seems like the resorts would be a safer less suspicious approach. If I saw someone stash fish in a snow bank I would have let the CO deal with it but would likely have made the call. I can catch my own fish and would rather see a poacher get caught.
  10. "Looks like Toothy just finished clamping" IBOT #216 ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  11. Thanks for the help. Farley, Great story and quite the warning system. Local guide, You will have mail. Thanks ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  12. Da-Roc, Thanks for the good laugh. I have been following this and found it very useful but a bit intense. You made me laugh out loud. Brian ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  13. Localguide, Do you have any rattle reels for sale? What is the price? Might need to try a couple out. Let me know. Brian ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  14. Thanks for the input. It helps to get other views as you sort out what you want with specific products. Cliff, Thanks for the tips with the riggin. Sounds like the bigger diameter wooden reels are liked best by those that replied. LocalGuide, Sounds like you made a bunch of good rattlers. I may have to try that but will likely be lazy and just spend the money when I find what reels I want. Thanks for the help so far on this. ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
  15. Just curious about opinions on what rattle reel is the best and why from your experience. I am the lucky owner of a new fish house on wheels and need to install 7 rattle reels and never used them before and want to learn what is best to purchase for long lasting quality with best features, easiest spin, loud enough rattle, easy mounting and removal system etc etc.?? Thanks for any help. ------------------ Crappie are more than just panfish!!
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