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Hey Train,

Flourocarbon leaders of 100 to 150lb test, would be the only mono leaders, I would use for muskie.

Steel or Titainium leaders in 90 to 120lb test is what I use for most muskie fishing applications.

Single strand 120lb wire for jerkbaits and seven strand wire for cranks and bucktails. I am not a big proponant of flourocarbon leaders, however I know there are a lot of anglers that really swear by them.

The most important thing is to spend the money to get the best leader, the high quality of the rest of your fishing tackle won't mean much, if your leader fails when you hook into a 40lb fish. smile.gif

Save those 20lb leaders for Pike fishing.

"Ace" cool.gif

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I make my own from 80 and 124lb single strand. I use good quality ball bearing swivels and split rings no snaps. I feel that this is the most foolproof and also very cheap for me to make. I would hate to loose the fish of a lifetime because of leader failure.

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Yup, good leader is best.

It is after all the connection between you and the FISH!


Try a few of the best on for size, to see what you like. Then maybe learn to make your own.

Chicks dig it!


Last two years I made up Floro. leaders of 180 LB.

Stainless Steel Crimp & highest quality swivel & Shrink tube. Fun to make.

Way cool to get a fish to go on something you made yourself.

Mostly use them for Weed fishen and burning hair.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cool.gif

Go get it on!!!


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I tried using coated braided wire last season, using a knot and crimps. The ball-bearing swivels and swivel clasps were salvaged from lgihtly-used, bent leaders. I don't remember the gauge and I think it's teflon coated?

I also used it to make a heavy wire weedless carolina rig weighted with a big sliding egg sinker and tipped with a giant hook and a 10-inch plastic worm.

The reason I tried this was because last year I hooked and lost a "big" muskie while bass-fishing using carolina rigs with my brother. Lost the fish, not the hook. I was afraid to set the hook too hard as I couldn't see my bait when the fish launched out of the water - twice!!!

I also would like to have a sturdy telescoping handle to double the reach of my giant Frabill net for the next time. I just couldn't get her close enough to the boat soon enough with the light tackle.

It was still a blast as my brother had never seen a muskie that close nor witnessed the power of the large fish to leap completely out of the water. Good times.



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