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  1. Here is a picture from last fall of my buddy with his personal best 52.5". It was the first fish of a fantastic 5 fish day.
  2. I was wondering the same thing!
  3. I stuck a chubbby 42" right at dark tonight on a Suzy. All in all a Pretty nice day on the water. Sure would be nice to stick a couple more before the 1st!
  4. [WHAT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Wow is all I got.
  5. If this guy is guilty of this, and it seemsthat he is. What a Moron! First of all if you are going to go over your limit on anything you don't brag about it or worse yet bring your catch to the taxidemist. And with the internet what it is you sure as heck don't take freaking pictures of it or camera phone the thing. I'm surprised that he didn't call a CO to help him drag the buck out of the woods . What this guy did was take a prime specimen out of the gene pool and rob someone else the oppertunity to take a majestic animal. Selfish pig!!
  6. I'm not sure on the reproduction facts etc. but I do remember reading some of the cost of buying muskies a few years ago was about $25 for a fingerling and up to $1000 for a adult .I'm sure this depends on the size of the adult.
  7. What really amazes me is the fact that this thread went 4 pages b4 going south!
  8. Ouch, and even though I have gloves and it is usually within arms reach ...I guess I too prefer to bleed. That is one of the worst that I have seen.
  9. What is it,a solution or powder of some sort?
  10. Nick we had revived a couple last year in the livewell, the larger one of which was pretty much dead in the water,both of which were incidental catchs by bass fisherman. The larger fish we worked on for about 45 minutes before we put it in the livewell and about 20 minutes later she seemed good to go. I would like to think that they both lived.
  11. Nope, never ate 'ski. Heck I can barely stand the smell of them . On the subject of stressed out fish/or fish that are not reviving well ,we have good success putting them in the livewell and letting the aerator pump on them full bore while holding the fish upright with it's head near the valve.
  12. I have not been on the water as much as I would like to be but from what I have witnessed in the last couple of evenings with bluebird days and light winds my action has come at primetime/sunset on the outside edge. Nothing after dark for me. As far as a retrieve I might mix it up, but my tendency would be to burn'em.
  13. In shallow sand I like to downsize the bucktails and burn the snot out of them. Ripping shallow crankbaits and working topwater baits over the sand has been effective for me also.
  14. Quote: We had a similar situation -sort of. We fished a spot on Tonka 2 weeks ago, the morning after a cold front. We had a short fish on one spot and then hopped over to where I had spotted a good fish a couple days earlier. I thought we covered it well and moved to an adjacent reef. I lone fisherman moved onto the spot we fished 10 minutes earlier-and nailed what appeared to be about a 50".
  15. Black/nickle blades,black/ gold blades,black/orange blades,white/nickle blades are some standards colors. I really favor CJs original crappie pattern, it has boated a few bigguns for me.
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