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  1. Just so you all know, almost all the fishing tackle you buy is made in China or Japan and has been for a number of years. There are still a few made in the USA, Muskie baits are a good example. Even some local companys you all know well get all of their components over seas. "Ace" www.aceguideservice.com Muskies and More. "It's just fishing man"
  2. Gordy called it, It's an old wives tail that just isn't true. Pike do not shed their teeth, they just move and change their feeding habits. "Ace"
  3. Hey Greg, Thanks for the info. Also thanks to all the guys in the metro area that are helping to stock the fisheries in the Twin Cities. "Ace"
  4. guideman

    Winter Projects

    Nice job, now you can do mine... "Ace"
  5. I agree with rienhard1 on this completly, If you care at all about protecting our lakes and rivers this shouldn't be a problem for you. If you don't think it's that important, just take a boat ride on the Illinois river and make sure you wear a helmet. This should have been put into effect years ago. "Ace"
  6. A highbred Leech lake strain???? That is a pure Leech lake strain Muskie. "Ace"
  7. I'll be on the same lake again this year, where else but Vermilion.. "Ace"
  8. Before you worry about getting more baits to throw, make sure you have all of the release tools that you will need. A "Muskie net" long nose pliers, jaw speaders and a good hook cutter, are all esential tools for a Muskie fishermen. A proper release and understanding how to handle them correctly is far more important than how many baits you have. "Ace"
  9. I have been guiding full time for 24 years and I still love it, but it's not because it made me wealthy. Even if you have a lot of equipment, you'll need more and by the way, you can't "Write it all off". You can claim depreciation on your boat and gear but only for a while, then you have to buy new stuff to get the same write off for a year or two. New boats that you can guide out of cost $40,000.00 and so do trucks. Like was said before, you still have to pay for them before you get any "write off". I guide about 100 days a year and when the guiding season stops, so does the money. It takes
  10. There is nothing better than fishing in the great northwoods of Minnesota, but if you just can't go north, there are some excellent river oppotunities in the southern part of the state for Walleyes. The Mississippi river near Redwing comes to mind and Lake Milacs is only about 90 miles north of the Twin Cities. Personally I would spend the extra couple of hours on the road and fish northern Minnesota, if for no other reason than that great up north experience that Minnesota is famous for. "Ace"
  11. guideman

    Fire Rambis

    The Wolves problem isn't necessarily limited to coaching, their main pronlem is talent or the lack of it. It's hard to be a great coach with mostly second tier talent. "Ace"
  12. I have a couple of regulars that fly fish for Muskies every year. It is very visual to say the least. We haven't caught any monsters on the fly yet, but we have caught a few 30 to 35 inchers and a few Pike in that same size range. I'm not a fly expert by any means, but it's fun watching the guys that are. Can't emagine what it will be like when one of them sticks a 50 incher, but I'm sure that day will come eventually. "Ace"
  13. This will be the first time since the Expo began that I won't have a booth. Don't think I'll make it down this year, just too much walking for this old mans knees. I hope you all have a great time and you all find what you're looking for. Anyone that's looking for my Muskie leaders, can still get them on my HSOforum. "Ace"
  14. I have just one observation on this bullhead issue. Don't you think after all the years of Muskies fishing, that if bullheads were such a great Muskie bait, that someone would have figured that out by now? My suggestion is to use artificials and you won't have to worry about where to get your livebait from. JMHO. "Ace"
  15. I think Roosevelt will be a trollers paradise with those deep sharp banks. Haven't fished there in a number of years, but I always liked that lake when I was a kid. Primarily fished the east end of the lake because that was where my uncle had his cabin. There was always a lot of fallen timber on the steep banks which I always loved to fish. Don't know if it's still like that, because I'm sure there are many more cabins there now than when I was a kid. "Ace"
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