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  1. IT IS ILLEGAL —to fish with more than three hooks, baits, or lures.
  2. Poachers will always poach no matter what race they are just because one poached your families land doesnt mean they will all run wild and start doing that on private land....could make your argument for white ppl also
  3. If you think that they will only be hunting public land you are wrong. Had a "Native" poach a large buck from my in-laws land a few years ago. Shot it from the road, in broad day light, drove across the field and picked it up. Vehicle and shooter where IDed and local warden told us it was turned over to the Reservation Warden and all they would get is a slap on the wrist. They don't have to play by the same rules that we do...
  4. kjgmh

    Tracker vs Alumacraft/Crestliner/Lund

    I own a Crestliner (2005 1750 FH) and was recently looking at Tracker (2011 Pro Guide V175SC), here was some of the things I noticed/found. Warranty - Crestliner 3 years on everything, longer on hull. Tracker 1 year on components, longer on hull Hull - Crestliner .090 sides/bottom .125 transom Tracker .10 for all Wood - Crestliner does not use treated wood(at least my 2005 does not) Tracker uses treated wood Transom - Crestliner is wood with aluminum Tracker is all aluminum Wiring - Crestliner wiring under the dash is a mess Tracker wiring is very neat and tidy Fit and Finish - I would say they are pretty close, not a big fan of the unpainted bottom on the Tracker though Trailers - Crestliner I had lots of options when I bought Tracker only choice is thier bunk trailer Price - I can buy the new Tracker for about what I paid for my Crestliner in 2005, which I think is a pretty good deal. Still debating on what to do...
  5. kjgmh

    CWD near Ashland

    Here is a little bit more info on this. Wonder how long the fence was "breached" http://ashlandcurrent.com/article/10/11/14/local-cwd-presence-could-lead-deer-feeding-baiting-ban
  6. I had heard that it was a 3 year deal to begin with and then they would look at the effects and go from there.
  7. kjgmh


    Jeez I did not know my manhood would be questioned because I got cut by a fish Like I said I have handled quite a few with no problems, this one just got me. Best I can figure it was the gil plate since it sliced my thumb wide open, nice and clean. $600 was at Hayward Hospital ER at 1am.
  8. kjgmh

    Building a new deck

    I had a new deck isntalled last summer and had treated decking. I was told to let it weather for at least a couple of months before staining/sealing it. So this spring I have to do this. Question I have is how to I get the ink stamps off of the wood? I thought that they might just fade over winter but they have not.
  9. kjgmh


    I got a pair of Musky Armor and use them now. After needing 5 stitches and a $600 bill I learned my lesson. Have handled quite a few with no issues, but this one was in the dark and I was by myself. Still do not know how it happened. Fish was released and swiming away and I noticed blood all over my shirt, looked and had a big gash on my thumb, never felt a thing.
  10. Chuck Norris knows the exact location of the 20" box fan...
  11. kjgmh

    Leader Connections

    I have been using split rings for a couple of years. They too wear out and need to be replaced from time to time. Just have to remeber to bring split ring pliers, sucks when you forget them. Another plus is that in the fall I can change lures with my gloves on.
  12. kjgmh

    Arctic Armor......Is it worth the money?

    Thomas77 I am the same size and I got a 2xl set of Camo, the bibs are a little bit baggy, but the length is good, the jacket also is a little bit baggy but I wanted long enough arms to be able to musky fish and bow hunt. I might have been able to get by with the xl but wanted to be sure to have the length. So, far really like the suit....
  13. kjgmh

    What do you shoot?

    Ruger MK77 stainless with laminated stock 7mm Rem Mag topped with a 3-9 Nikon Monarch Silver. Shooting Hornady Mag 139 grain SST, don't have to worry about drop until 330 yards, and yes I do practice at thoose distances...
  14. kjgmh

    Wart? UPDATED

    Well I took my dog in for his yearly checkup and showed what I thought was a wart and vet thinks that it is Hystiocytomas. He recomended having it removed and sent in for a biopsy. Dog is a 15 month old yellow lab. Does anyone have any experience or thought with this?
  15. kjgmh

    Wart? UPDATED

    My dog has what looks like a wart on his back leg, just up from his paw. It is about the size of a pencil eraser and has no hair on it. It really did not concern me until this weekend when it started to bleed when we were out in the woods. Do dogs get warts? Can I treat it like I would for a human? Any other thoughts on what it might be?