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My new toy & other thoughts...


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Snowmobiling/Ice Fishing season is fast approaching fellow winter lovers. I’ve definitely been noticing a trend out on the lakes and that is a lot of 4 wheelers. There is no doubt in my mind that is a slick way to travel but when the snow gets too be deep, like it does on my favorite northern Minnesota lakes, a snowmobile is the way to go. There is nothing I like to see more than 2-3 guys pushing, shoveling, towing there 4 wheeler out of the snow as I cruise by on my snowmobile on my way to the hot bite. grin.gif In marginal snow conditions- studs, carbides, and possibly hyperfax, and you’re good to go.

There has been some discussion lately on buying sleds just for ice fishing. In my opinion, anything with a track will work but there are some sleds that are definitely a better choice. If I were to buy a dedicated sled for ice fishing, it would be an Arctic Cat Bearcat. If it had the new T660 4-stroke, that would be even better. But I’m an Arctic Cat fanatic and that is ACs awesome utility sled. The Ski-Doo Tundra & Polaris Widetrack ( I believe Polaris just re-introduced this sled this year) would be a few other good choices. In general, I’m looking for a wider tracked sled, longer tracked sled, possibly 2 person, luggage rack is a plus, type of sled for an ice fishing rig.

So, I went out and bought the complete opposite of that. blush.gif My new sled is a sled I’ve wanted for years, a 1992 Arctic Cat EXT Special!


It has a hitch, studs, and good carbides, but that is it. You can’t beat the special edition purple/pink flames on the hood either. grin.gif The point I’m trying to make is I picked this sled up for $750. Yeah, you read that right. It’s a 550 cc twin cylinder, liquid cooled, twin piped & carbed, super comfortable sled to ride. Its fast too! I don’t mind working on my own sleds and this is one that I know a lot about. It is not going to be a maintenance free vehicle but that might be part of the fun.

If you are in the market for a snowmobile, the winter draughts we’ve had for the last 3-4 years has created a surplus of snowmobiles on the market, both new and used. I’ve still been able to find my trail sled, my ’02 ZR 600, in dealerships brand new in the crate for considerably less than I paid for it.

So the deals are out there for you guys looking to expand into new ways of ice fishing. Do your homework and research and you’ll come across a good deal. Maybe I’ll see you out in the middle of nowhere, Lake of the Woods, this winter.

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Of course the problem is, that there won't be too many pink and purple EXT's out on the ice on LOW. That sled will stand out like beacon, I know I'll be looking for it grin.gif Don't be suprised to see a pink & purple XLT pull up next to ya and start tapping holes.

Happy fishing.

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