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  1. Good game last nite. So nice to see the Spurs win.
  2. Nice. Mine 2000 Vmax 1995 DR250ses
  3. [PoorWordUsage], you'd do better with Sprugen Wyn(sp)
  4. Chilly didn't want / need Favre becuase according to him 'tjack is exactly where we expect him to be as far as development is concerned'.
  5. It brings me great satisfaction to watch the mighty Pack beat the lowly Queens for the fifth straight time. In Green Bay the tourch has been passed and Green Bay still has the best the quarterback in the NFC Central. Same 'ol queens. Sad really. Nice to see Windy still clinging to that championship ring. Time to move on or do I need to bust out some title-town on you. Go Pack!
  6. Donavan Mcnabb will be a free agent at the end of this year and I believe the Vikes have quite a bit of cap room.
  7. bottomfeeder

    Vikes Win!!!

    Quote: Shoulder pad too shoulder pad head in front textbook block. They even broke it down on ESPN..... I understand looking at in full speed it may appear to be a bad block buts its a call you will never get. Peiere, you don't get it. Any call that goes against the queens is a bad call. In reality, the vikes haven't even really lost a game this year, two wins and 3 games the refs lost for the queens. 5-0. Great job Vikes!!
  8. Quote: Nice to have you back. Missed you last week around here. Must of been on vacation, huh.....? I'm like a vikings cornerback. You gotta have a short memory.
  9. Quote: I hate the Pack. Everybody hates a winner. That's what makes the queens so loveable.
  10. With the queens and bears wallowing in mediocrity and the kitties surely to fade before years end the Packers are but guarenteed to win the division. Doens't really matter though as no NFC team this year can possibly compete in the superbowl anyway.
  11. At some point the queens will have to take matters into their own hands and stop waiting for all the calls to go their way. Is that how you people plan on winning 2 or three games this year...by getting the calls. A touchdown every 10th, heck every 20th offensive touch might be a nice start.
  12. The guy only had one foot down when the ball got popped loose. How is that a bad call? Oh yea, and four out of last five at the humpty dump, I'm feeling pretty good.
  13. Quote: Finally we saw a gameplan that was a bit more wide open. Had we seen the vikings with this gameplan against bad Detroit and KC defenses the vikings would have been 3-0 heading into yesterday. I love the never ending optismism of the viking fan. Oh yea, and when you lose it's always the referees fault, cant' possibly be an offense that has scored like one touchdown in 25 possessions.
  14. Top 5 Richest Sports People Net worth Owns How became rich Micky Arison $5.8 billion Miami Heat Inherited and growing William Davidson $4.5 billion Detroit Pistons Inherited and growing Charles Dolan and family $3.2 billion Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks, New York Rangers Self-made Carl Pohlad $3.1 billion Minnesota Twins Self-made Glen Taylor $2.7 billion Minnesota Timberwolves Self-made Jeez, you'd think Pohlad could afford a player or two, not to mention Taylor either.
  15. bottomfeeder


    Robert had 12 td's in six years with the packers. Longwell missed a 35 yeard chip shot the other night. Traveris(sp) fumbled on the first snap. Sharper looks like he's back. Good luck!
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