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Fuel tank pick up tube?


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I have a 2001 Polaris 550 that would not start.

Even though I take care an baby all my tools, adult toys and run gas stablize all season.

Put things away as I should no matter how small.

She fired off when I shot some starting fluid into air way to carbs.

Plugs are good to go, but no gas getting to fuel lines to shut off petkock or beyound?

Back track fuel lines to petkock leading into fuel tank at fire wall.

Look in tank, check gas, OK.

Drain gas.

Then notice a nipple inside gas tank, no pick up tube?

Find tube in bottom of tank.


How do you get fuel line pick up tube back on nipple of perkock inside tank?

Can a person unscrew petkock at fire wall outside tank, pull out, reattach pick up tube found at bottom of tank.

Rethread whole works back into tank?

Should this turn out to be the route to go, should we pipe dope up the threads or use some sort of teflon tape?

Any help is cool. smile.gif

Still only have the one arm due to rotator cuff surgery a month ago and am in no hurry.

Just trying to get all winter fishing tools, toys and other things in order and bored as hell sitting in this rehab chair 8 hours a day. smile.gif

Sure hate to have that tube drop off on me or any other person with simular sled in the middle of the woods in Canada?


Thanks all.



Got this left handed, single hand typing stuff DOWN!


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Hey Tom-

Sorry I can't help you with your question. I haven't run into that one yet myself.

But I'd like to point out your left hand typing is VERY good! Sounds like you better lay off those muskies for awhile. wink.gif

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yes it unthreads from the out side of the tank. Replace the fuel line don't put the old one back on. you will just have the same problem with in a short time and have to do it all again. Us teflon tape on threads for tank fitting. Also would recommend you go through and just replace all the fuel lines. If it's rotted off in the tank it is begining to do it on the other lins to. Fuel lines cheap. but usually stiffer you may have to add extra weight to the filter screen weight on the pick up tube.

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On my 2000 xc polaris I had the fuel gauge float assembly break off and knock off the pickup line. There is a push in fitting on the front of the gas tank that the fuel lines are connected too. That is the nipple you see inside the tank. You can pick up the pick up tube and fitting at a dealer. A little grease on the lips of the fitting make installation a lot easier. I prefer to avoid teflon tape on fuel systems, little pieces can break off and plug jets.

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I'm healing up fine and the tips pointing me in the right direction worked great.

Figured I was on the right track, but your help made me sure I was going to do it right.

Took my time, one arm and all and now everything runs dam nice. cool.gif


Happy Hoildays.


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