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Otter Outdoors MONSTER Box



Otter Outdoors is a Sponsor here and helps keep this site free for all of us.

I get disgusted with one thing during early season ice fishing, piling all the gear in a sled. Cameras, depth finders, heater, bait bucket, rod bags, tackle box, coolers, chairs; the list goes on and on. If you use an ATV, you can load up your sled and pull all the stuff out to your hotspot behind you but, it’s a hassle unloading everything out of the sled to get the pull-behind shelter set up. Plus, there’s no guarantee your expensive equipment will be in one piece with all that gear bouncing around in the sled. I’ve had a chance to test the full line of Otter Monster Boxes during hunting season and can’t wait to load ‘em up for ice fishing. The ice fishing gear I don’t need right away can stay safely tucked away until needed.


The lids on the medium and large Monster Box open fully so bulky gear can be loaded easily. And the large Monster Box has a dropdown section in the rear to accept three 5-gallon buckets! The lids are also recessed so you can strap more gear like folding chairs or big coolers on top. And, the lids are lockable in case you need to run into the bait shop.


You can read more details about the Otter Outdoors Monster Box here Otter Outdoors or simply ask here.

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The olive drab box above is the large Monster Box. Notice how the rear of the box "drops down" below the rack level. Installation consists of centering the box on the rack and marking hole locations for four u-bolts. Pretty simple.

The front box shown is the small Monster Box and can come with a smooth top or recessed top. The front box does block the handlebar headlight some but the small box is pretty "universal" so it can be mounted on the rear rack if a person wanted to.

Here's the medium Monster Box.


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