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Need Opinions -

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FIRST - Looking to buy from Cabela's an Ice Shelter -

This - Cabela's Ice Fishing Tent Kit - @ $119.99

72H x 72L x 60W Set Up folds to 4 1/2H x 34W x 60L plus I have to provide 2 pcs Plywood for bottom 34 x 60 plus hinges and screws, (It don't show weight)

Or -

Cabela's HT Deluxe Polar Shelter @ $129.99

72W x 72L x 78H and 11 lbs comes w/4anchors.

Opinions Please - -

Gotta stay on the cheap side cuz gotta pick up a - -

Eskimo Ice Auger (Barracuda) $259.00 new 8 inch Bit

from Sportsmans Whse. On This - Second Opinion -

an 8 inch Auger ought to be able to pull any fish I'm going to catch here in Colorado thru the hole won't it?????

Will be using it a lot on Grandby - and times at Blue Mesa.

How big a fish can you pull thru an 8 inch hole?????

Opinions Please - - - - -

Appreciated - - Thanks - - - - Sharkbait

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I've had the same decisions to make. I went with the 8" stealth Jiffy, and got many opinions about the 10" and most people said its two dangerous or to heavy. Most fish under 30 pounds fit easily through an 8" hole. You might want to look at frabils line of flip overs like the ranger XL or Solo if your looking for a very portable lite setup. I've got one and think its great but this year I'm also looking for a larger 4 man.

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Do NOT buy the Cabelas tent kit! By the time you buy plywood, good hinges, etc...Plus your labor. I would suggest a lightweight one man factory portable. I own the tent kit and it is heavy and awkward when you are by yourself. The savings are not worth it. My $.02 worth. I am in the market and plan to buy a factory portable this year.

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I've used an 8" auger for years with no problems. As for the hut, don't buy the kit unless you have a machine to pull it with. My opinion would be to get the 1 man Eskimo at Sportsmans for $180.00. Its light weight,can carry your equipment and can be pulled easily by hand. I would buy a hyfax runner kit for it, so you don't where out your sled in a year! Just my $.02.


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I own a Fish-Trap and love it, but the Sportsman's Warehouse on 84th and I-25 has Eskimo icehuts set up on display. I've checked them out and they are pretty nice. If I was in the market to buy an icehut I would check into the Eskimo's. Just my opinion. Looking is free.

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