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  1. I would recommend the trip to Blue Mesa...awesome icefishing...stop by Gene Taylor sporting goods and they will give you good info. They right in the main highway into Gunnison
  2. lucky7


    Grebe: good to be reminded at this time of year. Especially on debit cards...8 years ago someone took me for over $500...To K-marts credit they took care of all of the bill... It was an employee..Er 'former employee'
  3. I don't know about Nordic but I got a hole in my fish trap and they sent me patches for free...give mfr. and email or call.
  4. I am intrigued to use this for lakers in Colorado. If you ar patient I don't think it will tangle like they do around our vexs.
  5. Mik: How was the duck hunting? I have been wanting to duck hunt for several years.
  6. Shark: I have never had my battery on My 18 go down much after a full days fishing. Easil re-charges over night. No need for the extra battery!
  7. I'll be at the mile on Sat. I will be in the twin Trap Guides linked together.
  8. I understand...or you would have to invoke the old CIA "or i'll have to kill ya." I get it.
  9. Quote: Hey Dan, Can you walk to the lake or am I nuts to think about it? Ron: last year a buddy and i walked in...that day it was about 3 miles one way. took us an hour going up and 45 minutes down. It was a blast.
  10. Dan how do you like the new Pro...Where did you buy it?
  11. Dan: I will...If I'm lucky enought to get out I may have to stay a little closer to home...Skagway or DeWeese.
  12. Paul, I may not make it out but if I do i'll give you a shout.
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