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  1. What do most auger company's recomend doing? I've heard its better to leave the gas in the tank so some part doesn't dry out. Also is it better to leave the spark plug out?
  2. Gilles

    Prespawn Walleye

    I'll be fishing both Cherry Creek and Pueblo which is two hours south of Cherry Creek. Both lakes have fish over 16 pounds that are caught in spawning nets each spring but are rarely caught. Both have huge consentration of gizzard shad, which are really easy to catch during the summer but are now two deep. Which leads me to my next problem no one has minnows in my area so I'll have to stick with plastics and cranks. Has anyone had luck with nightcrawlers around this time of year, what about the new swimbaits? If this is as predictable as the fall full moon bite it will be awesome for fish in the 20 inch range and the occasional larger fish, but hopfully the spawn will bring in a few more hungry big girls. Thanks to all thats very useful information. Good Fishing, Gilles
  3. Gilles

    Prespawn Walleye

    The post above states the rules and I'm fishing Colorado.
  4. Gilles

    Prespawn Walleye

    I'm going to be fishing in a reservoir, most of the fish spawn near the dam area where there are large bolders. But the division of wildlife sets up nets each spring for egg collecting and fishing is prohibited during this time. Huge fish up to 16lbs are captured and released during this collection. It seems like the areas where they set up the nets are in fairly shallow water like 20 to 40 feet, just wondering what depths you guys have found them in during the spawn. The other problem that I might have is getting live minnows, probably have to stick to crawlers and plastics. Has anyone had success with small swim baits? Thanks for the information!
  5. I'm going to be trying for some pre-spawn and spawning walleye soon and wondered what tactics are best during this period?
  6. SW, I've been to needles thats the road by that ranch that has a bunch of different kinds of animals near Doyleville. The day I went I didn't do much fishing, and doubt its accesable during the winter without snowmobile. I've also heard it has a lot of brookies.
  7. Hey SW, whats fishing better this winter San Isabel or Deweese, have you been to both?
  8. Thats a great area! I'm not sure if I've been to Needles or not how do you get to it? I have fished two other lakes in that area but didn't do as well.
  9. I wish it had the variety it did! I've got no time to drive all that way for stockers. I do enjoy the different aspects of fishing those lakes.
  10. Fished Twin lakes last Friday from 8 to 4 the action was pretty slow not many people on the ice although I was able to drive out with 12 inches of ice. I caught 2 small macks around 20" and one 32" 9.6lb. First time I've ever caught a decent fish when the action was as slow as it was. Saturday instead of fishing Twin again I decided to head over to Dome lakes near Saquache. I've caught a lot of brookies there through the ice but couldn't find them this trip. I caught around 12 stocker size bows and three in the 15" range.
  11. I have both the sport cat and black cat heaters from Coleman. I really like the black cat although neather of our other heaters work well outside, in a tent its great.
  12. Hey dude, relax Colorado is a outdoorsmans paradise. The upland and waterfowl opportunities are excellent. My e-mail is [email protected] feel free to contact me if you have any questions and let me know what corner of the state your moving to. We can icefish at a few lakes in late November and from December to mid March its game on.
  13. Thats sounds like a pretty typical day of laker fishing to me. At least as many get off as through the hole. Lakers have very hard mouths and that is why they slip the hook more than any other fish I've targeted. Make sure your hooks are sharp and give them a few more jabs on the way up.
  14. Fished 11 mile today from 7:30 to 4:30, landed 7 bows between 16 and 21 inches, also had three quality fish get off and missed at least a dozen other hits. Great day no wind, no crowds and enough action to keep things fun. I'll post some pics sometime. I've got to get a digital camera so it doesn't take so long to post.
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