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Saw - I'd post your question in the forums on Versatiledogs DOT com - there's a good bunch of knowledgeable people over there (if you can wade through all the arguments). Otherwise, you can check with the Griffon clubs - here's a starting point:

www DOT wpgca DOT org


www DOT awpga DOT com

Good luck.


* Also - just found the breeder listings on VDogs (remove the spaces too):

versatiledogs DOT com / kennels / wpg.html

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Saw- We hope to have a litter of Griffs in the spring. It will be my females 3rd litter. Her first litter tested last spring in NAVHDA natural ability. 6 pups averaged 104 prize 1. 4 pups with a ave. of 90 will get you a breeders award.

A couple things to remember on the club dogs.

wpgca-have good tested hunting dogs but they went to chesky fousek as an out cross and haven't bred a griff in years.

awpgca-have a lot of bench and show dogs with good confermation but don't test for hunting/pointing.

If you look for NAVHDA griffs you will get a pure griff with tested genetics. Always a good place to start!

Make sure you know what kind of coat you are looking for. Griffs have a lot of types from mop tops to slicks. Get a hard, dense, tight coat and it will be easy to manage and will protect your pup.

Good luck with search and if you need any help e-mail me.

PS-real dogs have wiskers wink.gif

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Hey Griff Guy,

Got a few questions for you. Do you have a HSOforum with any info on your dogs? When in the spring is the next litter due? Are any of the pups reserved yet? Would really appreciate any info. Been looking into getting a new dog, and am torn between the WPG and the GWP. Would love any info/experiences you could give me.

Thanks again,


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Walleye Vision,

I don't have a web site but the stud we hope to use is Pipo from He is out of Canada but in WI right now for stud. We hope to breed in 1-2 months.

The WPG will tend to work closer and may be more cooperative. They are easy to train and very friendly and personable. They make great family pets. Look for tested lines with good coats. They will give you the drive and versatility of a good hunting dog.

The GWP is a taller rangier dog with a lot of drive, but may be a little harder to control. They may be more a pure hunting dog and can be somewhat protective. With the right handler they will bring home a lot of game.

As with all breeds make sure you know what lines your getting. Ask for references and go to trials or testings.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Griff guy

sorry guys no unauthorized links

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I have hunted behind Griffons for quite a few years and will re-affirm all of Griff guys comments, excellent dogs. I own a Gordon today and will likely own a Griffon next. A close working, methodical, RETRIEVING pointer would be a good description, the facial hair is whole other topic. A friend of mine who now lives in Duluth, MN will be breeding this spring as well. Let me know if you have an interest and I can get you his contact information.

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"want2bfishin" guy just sent me an e-mail to let me know about you looking into Griffs. I sent you an e-mail, give me a call, I'd love to tell you about how I got into Griffons....I own two now....I'd like to have three! As he mentioned, I will be breeding Hilda in Feb...so pups would be available around the first part of June. The stud I am breeding with is awesome. I believe he is one of only two Griffs in the U.S. that has won the NAVHDA Versatile Champion Prize. He won it in 2002. I have a HSOforum address for you to check him out. Also, I have video (dvd's) available of my dog in the field.

Anyway, I just posted an ad on another site Friday, I don't know how much exposure it will get, but it was free. The Stud's owner said all the litters from his previous 6 breedings were sold within 3-4 weeks....mostly from people on the west coast...Washington, Oregon, etc. I'm takng names in order now, and will get a deposit to reserve your spot on the list once the pups hit the ground.

Regardless of where you get your pup, if you do your research, and get a good pedigree, as far as I'm concerned, the Griffons are the way to go! The only thing I would say they are not really capable of is late season duck hunting. They'll do it, but they get a bit cold if you have them breaking ice.


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Saw 557

Did you get the E-mail I sent you? My female is just starting to come into heat. Should give us pups to pick up by mid to late April.


Is that Spike your using for stud? My female is a 3/4 sib. Same sire (Rambo) Dams are full sisters. Good stud, will give them a clean head, tight coat, and a lot of go.

Griff guy

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Griff Guy...

Changed my login to Double Griffs...seems more appropriate since the only thing better than hunting with a Griffon, is hunting with two!!

Sorry took so long to reply...yes, Spike will be the stud. I have two griffs, a neutered male...could be Spike's twin, looks wise and "gitty up" as well! My female that I'll be breeding is about 42lbs, and 20 inches, and looks more the standard for the breed. Should be a nice combination! Good luck with your litter, my female should be coming into heat any day...if you want to discuss more for any reason, I'm at 218-310-7156.

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Double griff

We just got back from the vet. Had to induce vomiting on my griff. She swollowed a kids glove. She had it for five days but luckly came up first try. Had her preg checked and pups look good. If you want to see a pic of her look at dog breed info . com (withoutspaces) under wirehaired pointing griffon. We are Stonybrook kennels. Good luck with that spike breeding. Ps: keep the gloves away smile.gif

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Griff Guy,

Nice looking dogs! A lot like what I believe my puppies will end up looking like. My female's head resembles Bobby, more facial featherings, longer outside coat, and you know what Spike looks like...should be a nice combo. Spike's owner was also pretty excited about the lack of similarities in the pedigrees between our two dogs. Just a couple of duplicates back three generations.

Glad to hear all is OK with Ally. I'm not sure they are all dog....convinced they're part goat.


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