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  1. 2 DA GILLS

    Pulled Dog Tooth?

    Thanks MuleShack.
  2. 2 DA GILLS

    Pulled Dog Tooth?

    I am pretty that it is. Thinking it would be best to get it out now before our hunting activity gets going.
  3. 2 DA GILLS

    Pulled Dog Tooth?

    My dog chipped one of his bottom incisors. I am guessing it is bad enough it will need to be pulled. Anyone have any experience with what this is going to cost me? Why does he aways come up with some additional vet bills before hunting even begins?
  4. 2 DA GILLS

    Brittany or Springer Spaniel

    Matt hit the nail on the head in my opinion. Decide if you want a flusher or a pointer and then find a good breeder for that breed. Take your time with the breeder decision, wait for a litter if you need to and remember that a high quality breeding can cost a little more up front. You usual make up the cost difference real quick with a healthy, happy dog. Personally, I grew up with flushers and now have a pointer. I am pretty sure I will own some sort of versatile pointing breed for the remainder of my life.
  5. 2 DA GILLS

    Pick the perfect dog?

    Dual purpose dog.... seems to be common request. When I did my searching, I narrowed my search to DD, GWP and WPG. Since I had a young family, I went with the WPG. I have been pleased with my decision. Plan to get another WPG in a year or two, but I have been considering a PP as well.
  6. 2 DA GILLS

    Early Water Work

    Joel Let me know how the UT test goes. I will not be doing the UT this year and I probably not at all with Zeus (maybe the next dog). I just do not have the time to train for it at this point in my life. I have not been out open water fishing at this point. Sounds like people did decent for the opener around here. I did not even wet a line. Headed to Leech for a long weekend at the end of May. Really looking forward to it.
  7. 2 DA GILLS

    Early Water Work

    I guess it would be if he was registered AKC.
  8. 2 DA GILLS

    Early Water Work

    His NAVHDA registered name is Des Chein's Digger.
  9. 2 DA GILLS

    Early Water Work

    Got some early water work in with my Griffon this weekend. Had some help from the boys as well. Lots of fun to train and have the kids helping me out. The boys love it and the dog is sleeping soundly at my feet tonight.
  10. 2 DA GILLS

    lets see your dogs

    Here are a few of my WPG.
  11. 2 DA GILLS

    Dog Barking

    "Of course the easy route is a bark collar which means batteries, etc." I am not sure I would classify it as easy, I would go with consistent. I know I am not home all day to depend human action with every bark.
  12. 2 DA GILLS

    Dog Barking

    Bark collar
  13. 2 DA GILLS

    WMA for training

    SportFishin' I like the license plate. I had already named myself 2 DA GILLS before I got my Griffon.
  14. 2 DA GILLS

    Gun Dog Prints/Art Work

    Anyone ever seen a print of a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon?
  15. 2 DA GILLS

    Any Ideas???

    Pretty sure a vet could tell you. If it is bad enough that's what I would do.