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  1. Large Munsterlander....hunted with a number of them, nice dogs.
  2. Double Griffs


    Hi Fisher, I don't know a lot about the breed, but if you are interested in a pointer vs a flusher, you might want to check out the French Brittanys...I know they're smaller than the American Brits. Have fun. DG
  3. duckslayer27, I wouldn't sweat it...a 21 gun salute can go off right next to my oldest Griffs head and he'd pop up looking for birds....but, if a kid three blocks away shoots off a bottle-rocket, or if a storm cloud gathers somewhere over Oklahoma (I'm in Duluth, MN) he'll be at my back door letting me know he wants in! Just watch her while hunting, I'm sure it will be fine. DG
  4. Chris, Hope all is well! Just a heads up..."Oreo", now Jake, will also be at that weekends session in Milaca. Not sure what day, Sat. or Sun., do you know what day your test is on? Good luck and let me know how it turns out, was planning on attending, but have opener plans to catch some "eyes." Mark
  5. That's a good pic, like the hat...what is that a Hesston? Hey, I may have another litter this year and than hold off next year...going to have three total litters in all. This would be it until the last litter in the spring of 08' or 09'. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Hey Joel, Is that Todd's gobbler or one you shot? If you are doing your due diligence, a couple of breeds you should research are the WP Griffons, and the Large Munsterlander. I've got two Griffs, great with my three little ones, great in the field or water, and all the watchdog you want...they're all talk, no walk in that department. Give me a call, nice to catch up with you since I moved off Prior Lake to Duluth. Maybe we can get you and Todd up here to fish for some Loopers this spring? Drex 218-310-7156
  7. TRITC, I've got a Tri-Tronics multi-sport 2s series. My unit is going on it's second year, works great. I also have two Tri-Tronics beeper units that are the same age. I paid $339.00 for the shock collars and and $90.00 for each of the beeper units.
  8. Mr. B., One other thing...I see that you mentioned you will always have a lab, I've seen guys that own both a flusher and a pointer, and hunt with them both at the same time. It seemed to workout OK for them, but I'd recommend staying within the style...going all flusher or all pointer if you plan on hunting them together. Just my opinion. Regards, Double Griffs
  9. Mr. B. Obviously, it depends upon what type of hunting you do. For those that do a bit of everything...ducks, roosters, ruffs, etc., I recommend looking into a versatile hunting dog breed and checking out the NAVHDA site. If you do, and like what you see, I have a litter of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons due on May 2nd. See my litter ad in the "Hunting Puppies for Sale" forum. Labs, retrievers, setters, brits, griffs, gsp's, etc....they can all be great dogs. Just do your research on the breed characterisics and pedigree. Good luck, Double Griffs.
  10. I have had an experience like this , maybe not as bad, with a previos female. In most cases the dog grows out of it as they get older and their confidence grows. For now, if you aren't already doing this, I would try to get as close to her level as you can when she comes to you..and be mellow. Just a pat on her head is praise enough right now. Let me know if it works. Good luck.
  11. Just a thought concerning "smacking" the top or front of the kennel...especially with a young pup. I assume this dog is going to be used in the field...careful not to associate loud noises with something bad, unless you have a silencer for your gun?? Good luck.
  12. I've heard some good things about the breed, especially if you're looking for a smaller dog that will point and retrieve. How's the search going?
  13. fishin4fun, Except for the algae part, your story sounds familiar. I also had a yellow lab that was diagnosed with a liver problem at 6. He was on the k/d dogfood, etc. I brought him to a specialist that wanted to biopsy his liver, but even with thos results there was nothing really to do for him. I'm not a vet so don't take my words as gospel. Buck lived about another year before I had to put him down. I hope your diagnosis is better! Good luck. Bring him in the house, buy him a new bed, and enjoy his company.
  14. MJR, Shoot me an e-mail, [email protected] There are a number of breeders around closer than ND, and I am planning on my female being bred this month, with pups hitting the ground around late April. I'm in Duluth. Regards
  15. I would check out NAVHDA web site.
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