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No app for Turkey?


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If I read it correctly, you can buy an over the counter (non-applied for) archery turkey licence for the last 14 days of the overall turkey season. If you apply for a regular turkey license, say for a hunt area and hunt period that is before the last 14 days, AND you are successful in the lottery, you are ineligible for the archery license. If you apply and are not successful in the "normal" lottery, then you can buy the 14 day end-o-season archery license. hope that 'splains it for you.

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In order to get any turkey license you must apply in the lottery. If you are not drawn on your primary choice you now have the option for a secondary choice but you don't have to take it. You can also select from undrawn tags. This is the only way to get a turkey license.

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Powerstroke, no actually they just proposed a new system this year-

New for 2005

New Wild Turkey Permit Areas open for the 2005 Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Season are: 222, 413, 424, 447, 456, 458

Beginning in 2005, a license issued under the landowner/ tenant special drawing is restricted to land owned or leased by the holder of the license within the permit area where the qualifying land is located. The requirement that the land must be agriculture or grazing land has been dropped.

Legislation passed in 2004 created an archery spring turkey license for residents and nonresidents. Starting in the spring of 2005 an archery spring turkey license can be purchased that is valid for the last two time periods only of any permit area with 50 or more permits. Lottery applicants that are successful in the 2005 spring turkey lottery will be exempt from the purchase of an archery spring turkey license.

A system enabling individuals or parties to make a second choice in the turkey drawing is also being implemented for 2005. Individuals or members of parties can apply for a second choice area and time period (time period F, G, or H only). All members of a party must indicate the same area and time period for their second choice. If an applicant purchases a license for either the first or second choice, their preference returns to 0.

should work out good, cant wait


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