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  1. Sorry to disappoint guys, but this tom was not my first bird of the season. Apparently that's part of the rules. The score won't count towards the team. I don't have any measurements for the jake I shot so we will have a zero from me. At least my freezer is full.
  2. We spent last weekend in the camper, holed up hiding from the rain. Not the worst thing ever, but a hike would've been nice. Hopefully we'll have better weather over Memorial Day. It looks good now so I'm excited.
  3. My buddy Dan and I have been going to the same farm for 3 years now and the turkey hunting is almost unfair. We've never been skunked and the only time we haven't tagged out is the first year. This year the bowhunting was tough. We were trying to be fancy and get things on film and it hurt us tremendously. So, naturally, we gave up on filming and went back to having fun. We shot 4 turkeys, a tom and a jake each, all by fanning (reaping). The action was intense and super fun. Additionally, after having a set busted by a wandering daytime coyote, I lip squeaked her into to 20 yards and finished her off with the same treatment, a load of #6 to the face. My jake and the coyote are on cell phone video so I will see about sharing those. My tom, came on the last day. He ran more than 200 yds just to confront that turkey fan. Due to a depression in the landscape, I had no idea where he would come up. He emerged at 10 FEET! and in a split second I shot him at 8FEET!! Thankfully I had the bead on his head or I would've likely missed. Nothing beats turkey hunting with your best buddy. And I'm having a taxidermist friend of mine do a euro mount on the coyote skull. Unfortunately the hide was shedding terribly and was matted with mud.
  4. Now I figured out how to add pictures. Time to submit for a score.
  5. SOrry I've been MIA, but like everyone, I've been super busy. I had a plan to drive to SD last week, but the weather was terrible so I chose to stay home. I hunted down near Caledonia on the advice of a buddy down there. My days are very set due to my work schedule. Unfortunately the gun seasons split suring my days off so rather than hamstring myself with a a 2-day shotgun hunt, I chose to hamstring myself with a bow tag. Pick your poison I guess. Needless to say, I've never had such tough hunting in the 10 years I've been turkey hunting. I never saw a tom while hunting and only got some distant gobbles on the last day of my hunt. Fortunately for me, I've got several chances coming up for a Nebraska trip and that Black Hills tag is a $100 bill burning a hole in my pocket. Hopefully a few more tries in MN with the bow. Now that I set the stage, I get to go figure out how to add the pictures from the amazing Nebraska trip I just returned from. I haven't scored him yet, but he is a nice bird and a Merriams hybrid to boot.
  6. The maples have been running gangbusters for a month now. One friend of mine has got over 400 gallons of sap thanks to the wierd weather. As long as the days are over freezing and the nights are below, the sap is flowing. Don't use the calender to decide, use the thermometer. My trees finally budded out this last weekend so I'm done here, but I've got a southern exposure. Hopefully those with some woods or more shade will get a few more weeks.
  7. I have to agree that one of the nice things about bringing your camper is having your own bed and your own space that you don't need to move in to. If the costs is comparable, that might be enough to convince me. See what each cabin provides. Some only provide a bed and sitting area. You'll still be on your own for cooking meals and tableware.
  8. I checked on the beast yesterday since its being stored fairly close to the path of the Princeton tornado. Not close enough that I thought there would be tornado damage, but it is parked near trees. Fortunately no trees down around the camper. I decided to open her up and found quite a mess. The &%#$%& mice have been having a field day. Fortunately I put some traps in there that contain poison and there were several dead mice in the garbage can. A little sweeping and wipe down had it looking nice again. It will need a good cleaning this spring to avoid the plague. I sure wish I had a better method to keep the mice out.
  9. I'm really getting excited for turkey season too and its been awesome seeing you ask so many great questions! Everyone benefits on a site like this.
  10. I'm a little late to the convo, but I would agree with the statement that high end dekes get more attention and will draw them in closer. If you're looking to shoot a turkey with a bow, the quality of the deke and proper posture makes a huge difference in getting them in close. I use a Best Turkey Decoy jake. Its expensive, hard body, full-size 1/4 strut jake and it flat out gets birds. I've gone 100 percent on bow opportunities since adding that deke. Its ridiculous. They aren't magic by any means, but I would say your odds are better with, than without. My other deke is a HS Strut, collasible hen. Its very lifelike and folds up small which is nice. The only other deke I may add is the AvianX breeding hen that lies on the ground. For those who mentioned "fanning" or "reaping", it can be a great way to get birds. I've done it twice now and its worked great, but for safety's sake, only use this on private land.
  11. I've been thinking about it real hard that's for sure. I picked up new arrows at Cabin Fever yesterday and fired off quite a few. First 3d shoot of the year is in 10 days. I need to double check gear, but I know my blind was solid and I'm still cutting through the box of shells I bought two years ago. A box of ten sure lasts a while when the birds are within 20yds. Spring plans currently include NE for sure. Nothing else is set. I am trying to plan a hunt for my sister and daughter (same age, 14) for here in MN. I've also been geeking out on Kansas as well as maybe a trip to Black Hills, SD. Not sure on plans for myself in MN, but I'll be sure to give it a go.
  12. I would completely disagree with swamptiger about frame packs. If your goal is to haul heavy weights, even up to 50 lbs, you need a frame of some sort. I would say external frame packs are a dying breed for many reasons and most of them are good reasons. All of the high end packs designed for large loads have some sort of frame. There are many ways to skin a cat, but suffice to say there are lots of options. The Eberlestock will be at the right price point and will probably suit your needs well if you keep the weight reasonable. Mystery Ranch will be a huge improvement over the Eberlestock, but you will likely notice the weight of the pack as the first thing. MR packs are heavy duty and made with heavy materials. Generally they are 3-5 pounds heavier than comparable packs. Other good options would be Kuiu and ExoMountain gear. They both make great packs for hunting and hauling weight and both are at the mid-range pricepoint. They each have their smaller packs right around $300.
  13. I saw those sleds advertised on the Ely surplus store page. I don't remember what they wanted for one. Seems about 20lbs too heavy, but the thing would be durable.
  14. Unless there are clear indications of a problem, there are very few issues with the Ecoboost F150's. There have been a few notable things such as condensation in the Intercooler as well as a timing chain issue. There was nothing particularly strange about the 2013's that I'm aware of. I own a 2012 with the max tow package. I hauled my 35' camper from MN to Charleston, SC and back last summer. Camper weighs around 9500 when loaded for a trip and the truck didn't break a sweat. My tow rating is 11,100 lbs based on how my truck is equipped.
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