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Holy cow!!!!!!!!


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I went to the MT this last weekend and I fell in love with the Clam Voyager.....I bought a 6800 last year and have been regretting it, now I have a new love.....so has anyone had experience with one of these behemoths? I am 6'7" and not too light (read as Big boned) Will this thing fit three guys fishing in it, with the smallest being 6 feet? I bought the 6800 with the idea that I would use it with my boys when they got older, but now that I have seen this thing, I might need to buy it.....the only negative thing is that I drive an Explorer and I know I can get it to fit, but if it is only me loading it, can I still do that on my own or is it too unwieldy? Thanks, and I can't wait for the ice to form. just moved to Prior Lake, not on the lake, but close enough to walk onto it from home

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I have a Voyageur which I haul in an Explorer. I'm a 5'7" 200lb guy and I can load mine by myself, so I'd think you should be able to. I set one end up in back of the Explorer (just above the bumper) then have to go to the other end, lift and push but it gets the job done. Yes I have fished three guys side by side. It's tight if all three are 200+lbs, but I've done it. It can comfortably fish myself, my brother in law who's my size and my 16 yr old nephew whose 6 foot and 150 lbs. When my 7 yr old joins as the fourth, we sit him on a stool in the fron corner and he fishes cross ways just inside the door, plenty of room for four in this configuration if two of them are kids.

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You shouldn't have a problem fitting three guys in there, I've seen three decent size guys fishing out of one before, but I wouldn't advise it during early ice (three 6 foot plus guys + weight + gear + the possibility of a heater going... grin.gif). Lifting it into the back of an Explorer shouldn't be too bad either. All you'll have to do is get one side up and then you can slide it the rest of the way in, not as difficult as lifting it into the bed of a truck.

Congrats on the new location, not too far from good fishing smile.gif

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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