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  1. (Homer Simpson voice) mmm . . . fisherman's breakfast . . . kriiisspy kreemes and beeeeerrr
  2. Quote: Bird watching, Annandale, Mille lacs, Red lk., Pan fish, Political disc. (I have no opinions, I just like to observe). Oh Dulth BW is fun to watch too. and hunting. oh ya, ice fishing and that's it. Besides waterfowling, or the Missippi/St Cloud, metro, E cent, Oh ---- Jeez, could we add one for tiddlywinks and basket weaving ? ?
  3. aahhhh, ACE You have done a fine job of capturing the essence of what I refer as "appreciate the significance of Walleye Opener" and yes, even though I'm enjoying the panfish; I do eagerly await all that Walleye Opener brings. Plus, your eloquent post just makes me all the more anxious for MAY 14, 2005.
  4. Don't get my wrong; I also fish year round. It's just that in the "off season" I fish for perch, crappies, and sunnies. Which is OK because some of the best perch and crappie fishing happens during March and April. So there really isn't such a thing as " Fishing opener" (or at least, it's a misnomer) But I certainly appreciate the significance of " Walleye opener"
  5. Same type of conditions night fishing on Mille Lacs but it was cold enough that the spray from the waves would freeze to the sides of the boat, the carpet, the seats, and our outer layer of clothing. Came of the lake with a quarter inch thick layer of ice on myself; thicker on the gunwales of the boat. All I can say about conditions like that is; you need to have top of the line rain gear. Thankfully, I do.
  6. Bobber fishing for perch before walleye opener. Bobber goes down fast . . . and keeps going. I set the hook and it reeled in easily; like a 6" perch would. But the bobber had gone down way too fast for a small perch. Well I wasn't expecting . . hadn't even crossed my mind that it could possibly be . . . a 9" muskie !
  7. Quick, clean and easy answers. 1. It's a Minnesota Thing. AND 2. If ya gotta ask, you wouldn't understand.
  8. Ohhh Yaaahhh,I can see you're hooked already. Take it from someone whose been there (and is still afflicted) Truth be told, Ya gotta have it all. AND You will spend the rest of your life accumulating it.
  9. Quote: How's your winter going??? Well, it's going about 250 miles north AND I'm chasin' it !!
  10. Four strokes are GREAT for TROLLING BUT If you want to waterski behind it, GET THE OPTI !
  11. Let's just say I'm an adherent of "Hank Hill" grilling theory
  12. good post glad to hear you and George and your gear all got out OK
  13. Didn't your momma warn you this would happen if you "handle your fish" too much?
  14. I have an older fishtrap; the tub material is not a thick as this year's tubs. I used JB Weld to patch a crack about an inch long and a hole about the size of a dime. It has one season of hard use and has held up well. The season of hard use includes: two trips to Red in the back of an SUV two trips to Red in a utility trailer two trips to Mille Lacs in the utility trailer numerous outings on Metro Lakes So I'm satisfied that the patches have held up to heavy usage.
  15. Quote: I actually do that fairly often with my jigging rod, sometimes because I'm tired of jigging, usually because I need to do something else for a minute. Like what ?? Again I'm confused !! What could possibly be so urgent as to cause you to abondon your jigging rod "for a minute"
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