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Kennel sorry ?????


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With all my bow hunting and fishing the last 2 weeks the 8 month old lab has spent a couple extra hours in the kennel

usually he comes a running when I command "kennel" but the last two days hes been a little unsuborbinate. I dont' want to punish him and half to drag him in but what else, I've tried to coax him with treats and he says no way.

he also has been acting a little weird with when I tell him to come. he acts like he did something wrong. The only thing I am concerned with is I think my old man might have gave him a whoopen last week when he chased another dog out of the yard and down 2 blks. but I told him never to hit him but he's been acting like someone hit him.

I just concerned. Thanks for any ideas

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Puppies at that age are very impressionable, it sometimes only take one mistake and can take weeks to correct it. The kennel needs to be an area where nothing bad will ever happen and you have to make sure that nothing does, if indeed your dad dragged pup back in the kennel and then proceeded to punish it insided the kennel, what do you think pup is thinking now? Maybe obstain from petting and showing affection to the pup unless inside the kennel for a while to try to get pup back in the correct mindset. You have to work with a pup that age at least once a day and even better twice, I would hate my kennel too if I had to spen 23 hours a day in there. I'm sure it will come around with a little work.

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