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I was Born One Mornin' It was Drizzle and Rain....

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It certainly is a beautiful day.

Drizzle, rain, mist.

Wait. I am supposed to think positive.

How bout' that 17 seconds of sun we had today, folks?

It is the end of October, I guess this weather is par for the course. (For me to hit par though, it'd have to be about a par 23)

On a serious note, the weather is on its way for a real chill down, perhaps indicating winter will indeed strike upon us.

Even though I want ice, I do still need to get the boat out one last time before I winterize it. Here's hoping for at least tolerable weather in the next couple of weeks for that.

Have a great Halloween!!!

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The rain and the gloom may be par for this time of year, but yesterday here in the twin cities, it was 76 degrees!

Now that sure is'nt par....I did'nt believe the weather man earlier in the week when he said we had a chance to hit 80 degrees.

Personally speaking, I like things the way they are supposed to be, I really don't like the big swings, one way, or the other. A little bit one way, or the other is o.k

for a time, but then it can get back to business as usual.

When we got hit with that Holloween blizzard years back, that sucked (we had about 150 fox traps out)...75 to 80 degrees the last of Oct. sucks, as do mesquitoes and other biting bugs, woodticks...grass still growing in Nov. sucks (like it was a couple of years ago). No safe ice on Mille Lacs until late Dec. sucks. I like being able to count on things, make plans in advance.

I personally don't like sweating like a hog when I'm hunting Grouse, I never liked it when I was bow hunting either and making a fox set with sweat dripping off your nose, never appealed to me!

The other end sucks also, having to wear long pants and a coat in July and frost warnings in Aug.

Mother nature sure knows how to keep us off balance, thats for sure!

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