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  1. united jigsticker

    Culling Fish From Livewell

    Good advice guys. There's a lot of what if's. Ethics are personal opinion. Don't push them on someone else as fact or make them feel inferior because they don't have th same beliefs as you. The laws were set based on reasonable ethics averaged from extremes from both sides of the fence. If my ethics say you shouldn't ever keep fish, is there any way I could persuade you to agree with me?
  2. united jigsticker

    Minnow Thief

    Racoons are smart. Camping, we always filled the old 5 quart ice cream pails with oreos. One morning, they were all gone. Lid still on the bucket. A trip to town for more cookies, a spot light, and some patience revealed the Racoon opening the bucket at 1am, eating the cookings, and pressing the lid back on. If I didn't see it, I'd say [PoorWordUsage].
  3. united jigsticker

    Crappies wont bite

    They haven't started spawning yet.
  4. united jigsticker

    Crappies on Red Lake; Circa 2003

    Yeah, I would. Email me your address and we can discuss your pumpkin pie theory in person.
  5. united jigsticker

    Crappies on Red Lake; Circa 2003

    Huh. Thanks for letting me know. Do you think I should delete it then? Would that make you feel better?
  6. united jigsticker

    Crappies on Red Lake; Circa 2003

    The Crappies in URL behave much like the Cheerios I eat in my bowl of milk in the morning. Sometimes they all float to the right side, sometimes to the left, other times they scatter. And those last few O's can be hard to catch in the spoon sometimes. There's no reason why the Cheerios go to one side of the bowl or another, and everyday the Cheerios group in a different spot of the bowl. Sometimes I can eat all my Cheerios before they get soggy, and other times...Well I was just too slow, and they go in the trash. On Red Lake, it's not that you're "scoopin' the spoon in the wrong spot", but that you're "scoopin' the spoon" in that spot at the wrong time". If ya don't scoop any Cheerios, scoop in a different spot of the bowl, and ya might fill your tummy better. Don't scoop in the right spot soon enough, and the Cheerios get soggy and breakfast is over. The size and color of your "spoon" makes a difference though, red glow and minnows are about best. Whether you use a jigging spoon, or a tear drop style is up to you. The relation of Cheerios to Crappies on URL is the fact that the structure we deal with is no more complex then that of a cereal bowl. Furthermore, the fish have no rhyme or reason for being in one particular spot vs. another. Even bottom types and content often have minimal bearing on the fishes location in wintertime. With all this in mind, I ask you, What's in your cereal bowl?
  7. united jigsticker

    Why do Crappies school up in deep water and when?

    Tom, Long time my friend. When did you change your name to John? How's the bite been down there as of late? united jigsticker
  8. united jigsticker

    Vikings VS Cardinals

    Buh-Bock, I told ya so, Buh-Bock.
  9. united jigsticker

    Crow V.2 "T-Jack"

    James, they're all just upset because of being wrong about T-Jack. I like the guy. I have always believed it was more being handcuffed by the play calling then the skill level as responisble for his low numbers/production.
  10. united jigsticker

    Vikings VS Cardinals

    Uh...What about now?
  11. united jigsticker

    A Different Prediction

    How do you like T-Jack Now???????? M-F'in Fantastic start!!!!
  12. united jigsticker

    Vikings VS Cardinals

    Don't say that. That's my teammate. That's my quarterback. His name is Tarvaris Jackson. If you want to give him a nickname, call him Super-Jack. Ha ha ha. But seriously, if T-Jack puts up over a 95 QB rating today, tomorrow we all wonder if the Vikes aren't 10-3 with him all season. Right, right??? Ya...Right.
  13. united jigsticker

    A Different Prediction

    A few "What I expect's" for todays game: Tarvaris Jackson: 19 of 27 for 246 yards 2 TD 1 INT V. Shiancoe: 6 catches 67 yards 1 TD B Berrian: 5 Catches 113 yards 1 TD B Wade: 3 catches 23 Yards Adrian: 23 rush 147 Yards 1 TD Chester: 8 Rush 45 yards 1 TD Longwell: 2 FG + 4 PAT Allen: 2 sacks Game: Vikings: 34 Cards: 31
  14. united jigsticker

    Childress makes predication

    I'm here. I was still cleaning the dung out of my favorite pair of Vikings Dickies after the 99 yard touchdown pass from the endzone on 1st down.
  15. united jigsticker

    Childress makes predication

    Oh, another ground ball from Freotte