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  1. I have a ton of antlers and if they are out of direct sun they'll be fine without the varnish. Varnish can yellow in time and mess the color up.
  2. I have some of these "new" models and have tried them a couple times [last season]and can't really give a fair reounting of how they worked. I'll be on the water shortly and they are at the top of my list to check out. This basically the same lock-up as what the Gapen floats have used in the past with generally good luck, so who knows. I like to try things and skip the assumptions- usually saves me from having to wipe the egg from my face. I'll be sure to let all know what I find. If you get touse them lets us know what you think too.
  3. Satch.... Thanks for the "opener" correction! I didn't mean to make it any shorter for such a huge event!
  4. This has been mentioned in another forum, but we'll get it moving along here as well. The Northwest Sports Show, Minneapolis Convention Center, will be blowing the doors open on Friday, March 31. I believe the opening is slated for 2PM. Representing Mr Twister/Exude/Mepps will be none other than Deitz Ditrich, Matt Johnson, and myself. The three of us will be working until 10PM on the Friday. Matt and I will be returning for a repeat on Saturday April 1st from 10AM until 9PM. This is the kick-off show for open water and is the Cadilac of sports shows for the Upper Mid-West. What with the ice getting bad and not a lot of open water yet, stop on down and say "Hi". We'll say "Hi" back at ya! And this is an opportunity to get the first-hand low-down on the increasingly popular Exude product line including some handy tricks of the trade from people who use Exude products, especially from the panfish hunters. Don't allow the 2006 season get ushered in without you first becoming brought up to date on the newest and finest of the scented plastics made today along with all of the other great products that Mr.Twister and Mepps have to offer. And of course, this show is also host to a ton of other tackle manufacturers, guides, resorts, the boating industry....you name it and its probably going to be shown here. Stop by the Mr.Twister Exude/Mepps booth and say hi....we'll all be looking forward to meeting you!
  5. Matt and I are there Friday the 31 and Saturday April 1.
  6. We've been fishing the Alma Dam and last Friday we had perhaps 80 of these beauties working the area from the dam downstream about two miles. It wasn't unusual to see 8 to 12 at a time in one tree along the water. Shots without a telephoto would have been futile since a guy can't get too awful close to them right now in a boat. Another month and they tend to mellow out a bit and actually will get approachable.
  7. Its hard to say about the ice-out issue with these temps flip-flopping around they way they are. The dams are running good right now on the river and we have been slapping waldos and sauger up pretty good now for a couple weeks. With all the snow on the ice now along with miserable travel conditions on the ice as well, I am happy that I am able to see past futility. There are those who can't. I am certainly willing to travel a few more miles to sit in the boat, rather than to drag half a ton of stuff across the slop and slush, getting soaked while doing so. The point being...the fish are at open water now regardless of where you are fishing. Fish the open water and you'll do much better than through the ice....even if it means standing on shore or ice to cast to the open water. Right now is long rod time...pack the shorties away for the year and quite grumbling about no fish, no hits and fishing conditions already.
  8. All Thill products are now Lindy products, so you are on the right track.
  9. For years I shot a BlackWidow Overdraw take-down and a Groves Overdraw. I normally shoot a 30 1/2" arrow and both of those bows were scaling in at around 78-79 pounds. Imagine shooting a 26 inch 2018 at those weights. Did it though and most of my bow kills fell to those two bows. Quiet as a cat too....Inever had to add any quietening to any area. Shot a flip rest with a plunger. They were sweet. Can you say fast?
  10. Shawn.... Welcome to FishingMinnesota.com! To answer your question, yes you can do this IF the fish you are fishing for has an open season. Panfish are open all years so this would be legal. Walleyes, bass, northern, muskie, no....the season has yet to open for those. Was Grandpa right? You had better belive it! As shorelines open up the water founs exposed will allow a much quicker warming. Fish at this time of year are very acutely aware of temperature change in their living quarters. Crappies might be drawn to this open water with as little as a single degree of temperature change. I fish a lake where a run of open water becomes available about now. I too cast jigs/plastics into that open water and find the fishing much better and productive than people standing on the ice not far away. The water temp( I carry a thermometer with me and hang it below a float about 6-8 feet under the surface)right along the ice-line will be one temp, but by tossing the thermometer out where the fish are hitting I will usually find around 8 degrees of temp change. This is why tose fish are being found there. Grandpa was right on the money! Again, welcome to FishingMinnesota. Enjoy your time here!
  11. Something else to consider is the fact that fish are cold-blooded and that their activity level is relative to water temperature and that fact is why they can appear to be so fussy when things change. A little goes a long way at this time. During the winter months the water temps are perhaps the most temp stable of all of the different seasons, yet the fish seem to have highs and lows in their activities. Barometric pressure change is one of those "outside" variables that will affect the location and attitude of the fish. Consistant, stable weather will likely show the fish as being agreeable to a fair bite. Immediate pre-frontal conditions may see them go wild as compared to the stable conditions even while immediate post frontal conditions may seem like they disappeared and/or simply are very reluctant to hit. As a rule, the deeper the front (colder,clearer) during the winter and under the ice, the longer it will take to reach a bit of equilibrium in the water again. Two, three, even four days might be the length of time for the fish to re-acclimate to the conditons following a cold front. Remember that the water is captive....literally. It is covered with a cap of ice. This covered water has less an opportunity to change with changing weather conditions. Likewise, the fish found under the ice are captives as well to change. If you look to open water during this time, when daily changes can really upset under-ice fish, you'd likely find the fishing more agreeable to catching. Fish will move now to those open pockets. Rivers will definely be less affected by the cold fronts if they are open water. I fished Friday on the Mississippi River below a dam one day after a major storm swepth our area. Much lower temps (17 degrees at the onset of the fishing), clear skies, high barometer, 33 degree water.....every negative influence imagineable to ice fishermen did not stop the walleye bite on the river.
  12. CrappieJohn

    Question @ Gulp

    I've tried Gulp in several different venues. Does anybody want some partial packs? They'll likely be in the garbage can at the boat ramp at Alma tomorrow.
  13. I can't offer much as far as spending your money for you, but welcome aboard! Always nice to see a new name and hopefully some new information down the road. Enjoy your visits here! Try their HSOforum or Cabelas HSOforum. If they list it, its available somewhere. Mr Twister has some awesome plastic similar to these, also in the saltwater section and they can be gotten right here at OutDoorProStore.com. Again, welcome to FishingMinnesota!
  14. The Avid 6'6" if you buy just one. If you are doing the float thing and don't do much free line casting you can get by with the premier. If however you do any amount of free line casting (no float), get the Avid. The sensitivity is very apparent with this rod and the premier won't hold a candle to the Avid.
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